Weight Loss Master Class June 7th Call

Weight Loss Master Class Week 1

Transcript of the Call from June 7th

 Why am I doing this?

I made it a goal this year to help at least 10 women make major transformations in different areas in which they wanted to show up differently.  One of them is weight loss.  So far this year I have seen more than 16 women start their weight loss journey, they started thinking differently and feeling better.

So then I got the notion that maybe the number isn’t 10, it’s 100.  I started thinking about how can I reach more and make a bigger impact and this was the idea that I came up with.  I have never done anything like this so I am pretty excited to see the response from everyone.

I teach am all about goals and normally that’s the line that my training follows and for sure weight loss, fitness and health is at the top of everyone’s goal.

My goal this year is to put as much value in the universe as I can and this master class helps with this goal.

Before I jump into the first lesson let me make sure that everyone understands that this program is not for anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder of any kind or anyone who has special dietary requirements due to illness.  Please consult your doctor under those circumstances.

I am not a doctor or a certified nutritionist.  I am someone who has studied weight loss, nutrition and fitness for over 30 years.

I am a Self-Coaching Scholar with Brook Castillo and also a follower of Dr. Jason Fung.  Dr. Fung is a world-leading expert on treating type 2 diabetes and Brook Castillo is a Master Weight Loss and Life Coach and my life coach.

My methods are modeled after their teaching and what I have learned and what I do will benefit all of you.  I have been a certified fitness instructor for over 25 years.  I don’t teach anything that I have not prescribed for myself.

With all of that said, we are going so much deeper than a diet or a workout plan.   There is way more the losing weight and keeping it off than just calories in and calories out.

We all understand the math of weight loss but if it were that easy we would not be struggling.

Thanks to the commercial food industry and the diet industry we are eating too much and eating too often and eating the wrong kind of food and we are over-desiring food, struggling with cravings and urges that feel impossible to avoid.  I am going to address all of that.

So let’s just jump right in and get started.

How will this work?

Tonight and the next three Thursdays from 7-8 I will train for about 20-30 minutes and give you a few things to adapt in your life in order to start your weight loss or weigh maintenance journey.  Then I will open it up to Q&A.    Don’t hesitate you ask questions.  Not only is this a great way for me to help a large audience but everyone will benefit from everyone’s questions.

How did we get here?

We live in a world that is a recipe for over-desiring and over-indulging, and cravings and urges in many areas of our lives like eating, drinking, gambling, shopping, over working, playing videos, watching TV etc.…

Add to that the fact that we struggle with how to manage our thoughts and emotions while dealing with normal, day to day activity of life.  Layer on the keeping up with Pinterest and Instagram perfection, sprinkle it with self-doubt and then we are dropped into a world of processed food, fast food, all you can eat buffets…it’s a living nightmare for health and wellness.

The commercial food industry has made food so compelling by processing and concentrating the ingredients so that it’s almost impossible to avoid over desiring food.

The diet industry has played a big role in the commercial food industry.  “Eat breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day, eat 5-6 times a day, eat before you get hungry and this diets promises no hunger pains…”Buy into the program and buy our special food too!!!

That’s all crap to get you to eat more and eat more often and eat their food that is also concentrated, processed and packaged.

Our bodies were not designed to eat the concentrated levels of many of the foods that we are over desiring in our lives, specifically sugar, flour, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners to name a few.

These and other processed foods have been concentrated to levels that our bodies and brains are not equipped to manage.

So for example, when we eat a whole food like a grilled chicken breast, we get a dopamine hit.  The dopamine hit sends a signal to our brain so that it knows that we are doing something important, this is a natural response and was necessary for survival.

Our brain has a motivational strategy called the motivational triad.  Our brains soul function in life is to keep us alive by seeking pleasure, avoiding pain and conserving energy.  We know we are experiencing pleasure and we know the degree of pleasure by the dopamine hit our brain receives from the activity.   We get dopamine hits from many activities, eating is just one of them.

What happens when we eat food that is concentrated, for example, a donut, a glass of wine or a piece of cake, we get a dopamine hit that is 10 times the effect of a non-concentrated or whole food source.

Our brain has no clue that what we ate was just a cookie. It thinks “this is extremely important” and “we must have more or we might die.”

That is why sometimes we feel so intense around food, especially sweets, breads and alcohol.  Our brain begins the craving and urges and when we answer the craving and urge, we start the cycle.

In the beginning, we may be able to only eat one cookie, a few chips, a glass of wine, but soon our brain wants more.  Before you know it, it takes a whole sleeve of cookies, an entire bag of chips, or the entire bottle of wine to satisfy the urge.  We do it before we even know it. Every time we answer and urge or craving, we continue the cycle.  The same cycle can be explained in shopping online, over drinking, smoking, over watching TV, video games.  It’s the 10X dopamine hit that starts asking for more and we answer the ask.

Add to that the way that we self soothe.  Food is dependable and in plenty and never fails to give us that quick hit of pleasure but if you are like me, it’s quickly followed by shame, guilt, disgust and disappointment, bloating, energy crashes, hormone fluctuations, mood swings, frustration and even anger that I could not control my cravings and urges and that I gave in, again.

I call that eating under the influence.  It never feels good and it really isn’t the self-soothing behavior we need.

Eating under the influence is never the answer.  We also eat under the influence of thinking that our food needs to be the center of our universe, it should be exciting, and a source of pleasure.

I get it, and we are going to talk about how to make being healthy exciting.  How to seek pleasure in health, how to get a dopamine hit from accomplishment and results.

One of my friends told me that feeling good is by far more satisfying than the way anything tastes.  That’s seeking pleasure, that makes your brain happy.

We need to make our lives exciting and our food boring.  Think about it…the last time that you had a really good time with a group of friends was it because the food was so amazing or the company.  Just because your are changing the way that you consume food and think about food does mean that you have to sacrifice social gatherings.  In fact, the opposite, you should enjoy them more and more often.  Make the pleasure come from seeing people that you love, not from food.

We are going to up-level your relationship with food and learn how to enjoy food more, not enjoy more food.  I am sharing with you everything that I do, what Brook and Dr. Fung teach and what many others do as well.

What will you learn?

  • How to have a healthy relationship with food, no more food chatter
  • Understand the triggers behind cravings and urges and learn tools to help you get past them
  • How to deal with over-desire, what it means and what to do.
  • How to eat like a fat burner.
  • A different mindset around eating all together so it becomes a pleasurable experience that fuels your body, no more thought drama around food
  • Understanding how to deal with our emotional connection to food.

So we have established that eating too much, too often and our over desire for food is what causes us to gain weight, struggle with losing weight, and struggle with maintaining weight.

But there is more to it than even all that.

We have hormones that aren’t working because we eat too much and we eat too often.  Our hunger hormones do not get exercised and our appetite suppressant hormone, leptin, gets suppressed.  We spike our insulin levels and so our bodies can’t access our body fat as fuel.  We end up storing more fat and never getting the weight off.

There is only one way to remove fat from our bodies and that is to burn it, well, unless we suck it out.  Being fat adapted is a metabolic state of fuel burning.  Thanks to the commercial food industry, we have become sugar burners, we were designed to burn fat as our fuel source.

I want to talk about why being a fat burner is important and what it means to be “fat adapted”.

Fat adaptation is the process of your body learning how to use fat as fuel.  Being fat adapted means that your body knows 100% that fat is its fuel.    Let me say this again, fat adaptation is a process.  For that reason, we will be doing this is stages, palatable stages.

What are the benefits? 

  • A fat burner can effectively burn stored fat for energy throughout the day. We all want to burn that extra fat we carry around. I call that “Dining in”
  • Being fat adapted means that you have more steady energy throughout the day without the sugar crashes.
  • Fat burners have lighter thoughts. Less gloom and mood swings.
  • Your ability to handle every day stress is elevated
  • Fat burners have an increased level of focus.
  • Being fat adapted offers metabolic flexibility. That means that you can burn the fat on your body…yeah!!!! Added bonus, you can burn the fat in your food.
  • Being fat adapted has a positive effect on hormones.
  • Fat burners can go a long time without eating and without getting the hangries.
  • Fat burners can endure exercise without carb loading.
  • Fat Burners sleep better
  • Fat Burners have fewer cravings and urges.

Think about this.  Calories = Energy

1 gram of protein = 4 calories

1 gram of carbs = 4 calories

1 gram of fat = 9 calories

The diet industry said cut out the high calories in fat, born the “fat free” diet.  That way you can eat more food in the form of carbs.  In fact, you can eat twice as much without gaining weight.  Well guess what?  We got fat!  How?  We exchanged our high fat, good fat diet for low fat options, increased our sugar and flour consumption, we added transfat to make it all taste better, and then said, wait, let’s create fake sugar.  Our bodies have no clue what to do with that crap.  We got even fatter.

If calories = energy, it makes sense that fat is the more efficient and abundant fuel source.  And, we already have it on our bodies!  Now we need to get our bodies focused on burning our stored body fat as fuel.

Because becoming fat adapted is a process, we are not going to do it all in one swoop, we are going to layer behavior and food protocol changes.  We have some habits to delete and habits to add.  We have mindsets to shift.

Here is my first mind shift for you.

How many of us are cleaning our plates so that we don’t waste food?  No one wants to feel wasteful.  Over-eating or eating past the point of hunger has nothing to do with your body’s need for nutrition or fuel.  It has to do with thoughts and emotions around eating.  If you are like me, you were probably taught to clean your plate.  It was out of respect for people who are less fortunate and also out of respect for the person who worked hard to earn the money that bought the food, we clean our plates.  Often, that meant eating beyond being hungry.  Here is a thought that I offer you for consideration.  Whether we throw the food away or consume it beyond our hunger, we are wasting it.

We are actually sacrificing our health in the process of trying not to be wasteful.

We are wasting the food we consume when we eat past the point of hunger.

It gets wasted and stored directly to our legs and thighs and butts and arms and guts.  It’s wasted.  It offers no nutritional value, it further deteriorates our emotional connection with food, we usually feel like crap and it over taxes your liver, kidney and pancreas in the process.  It leads to disease and hormone imbalance and just a general feeling of un-wellness.

What if you could actually control the desire to over eat?

What if you could live in a world where over-desire is not an issue and food chatter is gone?

What if you could pass on a donut or a pasta bar just as easily as passing on a hit of cocaine?  I mean, if someone dropped a bag of dope in front of you, I bet chances are good that you would not feel the least bit compelled to even try it.  Put a donut or cookie in front of you and man…it would be a white knuckle ride of resistance.

Diets and diet programs take away the food but leave you with the old over desire to eat.

We restrict our food without dealing with our over desire and then we are left deprived and then the answer becomes to over eat…again. Just like when we try to stop over drinking or over shopping or gambling, we restrict without dealing with the over-desire and then it’s a white knuckle ride of resistance of the desire.

You brain…

I am going to warn you right off the bat that your brain is going to revolt.  It’s going to say “I don’t want to do this, it’s going to be hard, we are going to fail, it’s not going to be fun, and you know how much you like to eat, what about eating with your friends?  If you can’t do that anymore why are we even doing this?”  That my friend is your inner critic, she is going to show up in a big way.  Be aware of that and be ready for her.

Being Fat Adapted

Being fat adapted means that your body actually has learned to prefer burning fat and becomes good at it.  Right now, most of us are sugar burners by the nature of our diets and our sleep habits.

Being fat adapted helps you lose weight but also maintain weight easier.  It gives you a steady flow of energy instead of bursts and then lows.  It helps in the area of hormone balance, reduces sugar cravings and uncontrollable urges.  Better brain focus is another benefit.

So week one, this is what we are going to do:

Food Journal – Use the online form as a template but record everything, the amounts of food you are eating, how you are feeling, what you are thinking.  What you weigh, how much sleep you got…everything.  You can use my form or just use it as a template but record it all!  This will be incredibly insightful and one of my gals lost 10 pounds by noticing that she was eating way more than her brain thought.  When she was doing calculations in her head, she thought she was eating about 1200 calories a day.  Turns out, she was eating 3000 calories a day.  Measuring and understanding proportions is critical and our eyes lie!

Weigh Daily – Don’t make it mean anything but know your numbers.  Your body fluctuates and you need to know how that works.  We don’t want to have mind drama around the number but we do want to know what the number is.  Here is the thought that we are going to practice around weight; “This is what I weight today and that’s OK.”

Reduce Sugar and Flour –Don’t quit cold turkey, but cut it in half.  Be on the look-out for hidden sugars.  Read the label

Get more sleep – We don’t get enough sleep!  When we sleep, our bodies heal, we burn fat, our organs recover from the toxins etc…when we under sleep, we make poor food choices, we crave sugar and even salt.  Lack of sleep has the same effect as a hangover.  Yuk!!!  Our hormones are out of whack due to lack of sleep.  We will do more around hormones next time but for sure…We need more sleep!

Drink 16 oz of water before coffee-We need to rehydrate from the night of sleeping and we need to flush the toxins that have been released from our fat stores over night.  Being dehydrated causes fatigue and low energy and can feel like hunger.  I love mineral water with lime…yummy!

If you are already signed up to get my weekly blogs then you probably know your way around the website.  I have put some worksheets out there designed to help you through this process.  The Food Journal is out there, Compelling Reasons and an Inventory Worksheet will help you really tune in to your mindset around weight loss and food.

Please do the work.  Doing the work will help you learn the why behind what you are doing and help you address the points in your protocol that are not serving you.

This week is only 5 things but they are critical.  The Food Journal will help you become aware of your eating habits and identify things that you can do differently.  Don’t rely on keeping it in your head.  Write it down.  Weighing yourself is just knowing your numbers but not making it mean anything.  Reduce your sugar and flour by half.  Again, this is awareness of what you are eating, learn to read labels, look for hidden sugars. And finally, get more sleep.  Whatever you are getting normally now, add 30 minutes minimum.  If you have kids, they need more sleep too, I promise.  This is as good for them as it is for you.  Even if they can’t sleep have them resting with a book, not an electronic device but a real book.

Ok, don’t forget to join the Facebook Community .  If you can’t find it, ping me and I will add you.  Being part of this journey with a group is incredibly valuable for support and comradery.

Do check your spam folder daily for me emails.  I use a mail service and it looks like spam.

Don’t hesitate to ping me if you have any questions this week.

Next Thursday you will learn a little more and specifically we are going to talk about how to deal with cravings and urges and over-desiring behavior.