How Do You Know All This Work Is Working?

Years ago when I was going to therapy, I asked my therapist, “How will I know if I am making progress?”  She did not have a good answer and soooo…

I wanted to put together some thoughts that will help you see if all of the thought work that you are doing is working.

One of the things that you will notice is that you challenge your thoughts and stop believing that everything you think is true!

Next, you begin to understand that your brain is going to offer the negative bias and you will challenge the thought and determine it’s relevance in your life as it relates to your goal.  You will weigh the importance of the thought in terms of serving you or not serving you instead of a good thought or a bad thought.

You will begin to manage your brain instead of your brain managing you.

You will understand that just because a thought is true, it may not serve you to think it.

You are very aware of the 3 year old brat hiding in the primal part of your brain.  You have learned how to call up the pre-frontal cortex for making decisions that are all about your highest and best self, instead of the immediate gratification choices.

You’ll begin living to a much higher level. When you finally make a big change that’s been gnawing at you for a long-time, you immediately feel empowered in all other areas of your life.

You will incrementally start upleveling in all areas of your life. If you were focusing on time management and organization at home, your work performance improves. If you were focusing on improving relationships at work, relationships in other areas improve.

You will notice that you create an environment that facilitates your commitment. You will not allow things into your life that don’t support your objectives. Your life supports your commitments.

You track your progress.  You won’t let progress be accidental and you will take everything into account, and try to maximize your performance.

You’ll know you’re serious about growing when you see how you can tweak your progress and you don’t make that mean that you were doing it wrong before.

“That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.”

You will find ways to measure things that you never measured before.

You will not only look ahead to see where you are going but you look back to see how far you have come.  You know that the goal is all about the journey and the person that you are becoming along the way. You won’t be in a hurry but you do have excitement and urgency.

You start believing in your ability to create the result…you believe ahead of the evidence.

You start getting more organized.   It can be quite easy letting life get disorganized when caught up in an obsessive or addictive state. Small things lead to big things. Everything physical is energy — and has an impact on your psychology. I

n a disorganized environment, with disorganized and scattered communication — life starts getting a little out of control. You will start letting go of things and tasks that drain you.  Click here for the Get An Organized Life Workbook.

As you start managing your mind you will create management in other areas of your life.

You become more present in even the small moments.  When you are not congruent due to a bad habit or being out of alignment, it’s very difficult to be present to the moment. Sure, you’re there every once and a while. But it can fade fast and your mind wonders. Many people use the present and wanting to be present as an excuse to not set goals. The opposite is true.

As you start moving toward success, you become more present about all things in your life that matter. You will be pickier about the things that you say yes too as well.

Finally, you can get more done in a day than what you were getting done in a week or month.  Your activity is focused. Your direction is much clearer. You are more consistently taking inspired and focused action.  Inspired and focused action makes way for lots of progress…extreme progress.

That my friends is how you know that all the work that you are doing is working!