Week 1

In the last few decades, we’ve manufactured these foods into highly concentrated forms of sugar in processed foods, baked goods, juices and more. In small amounts, eating these products won’t give us negative results, but most of us consume waaaaayyyyyyy more than optimum.

Too much sugar – in any form – results in many negative consequences, from weight gain,to inflammation, to sugar addiction, to chronic health conditions.
In order to recalibrate our body and maximize our health, it is essential to make food and eating choices that help and not hurt.

Doing a sugar free reset reintroduces your body to its natural state of function.

  • It will bring about awareness of your habits and your choices.
  • It will help you decide how and what works best for your unique body.
  • It will guide you to live a more intentional life in a healthy body that is meant to not just survive, but thrive.

1. Eat whole, real foods with no added sugar
2. Eliminate concentrated “natural” sugar: dried fruits honey maple syrup and all other syrups fruit juices & sodas, and alcohol
3. No Sugar substitutes

1. Plan your meals ahead of time
2. Eat when hungry, stop when satisfied
3. Record your food & feelings

Week 2

Instead of reaching for the sweet treat, ask yourself what emotion are you trying to suppress or create?

Remember, our emotions are our fuel for our actions. Ask yourself what you are thinking…are emotions are fueled by our thoughts.

Our thoughts create the desire. Thoughts like, “that smells good, oh, it’s lunch time, what sounds good, I deserve a treat, I have had a long day, I deserve it…” Lots of thoughts that sound benign and harmless. They sound loving too, they sound like permission to cheat on yourself.

Be very on to yourself!

Your body never craves sugar…your brain does.

Your primal brain (the 3 year old) is looking for the quick hit, the immediate gratification and rush of dopamine.

Your primal brain is driving in these moments, but you made the decision to lose the weight from your prefrontal part of the brain.

That’s where you need to stay in order to keep making the decisions that will drive the results of a healthier and slimmer you!

Week 3

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Week 4

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