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I created a goals manifesto in 2017. I revisit it every year. It has not changed...Enjoy! Goals are meant to give your life direction, dimension,..
There are facts and then there is the story that we create about the facts.  Facebook Live Replay. Facts don't hurt. It's the stories we..
Take a chance. Feel the fear. Do it anyway. Instead of fear, be excited. Know it always works out. Know that you can handle it..
Do you get the Sunday  night blues, every night of the week? Do you vent about your boss or the company or co-workers? Do you..
In my blog, “Why Can’t I Get off My A&$”, I explained the brains Motivational Triad as the reason why our motivation wanes. Maybe this..
Procrastination and Perfectionism are different sides to the same coin.  Both rooted in fear.  Neither serve you in showing up as your highest and best..