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One thought that I have been thinking a lot lately is "One thought can change the game." I believe that to my toes. Here is..
This week Stacey Boehman said the funniest and yet most true thing about belief. Let me set this up… Here is why she said it...
Our brain loves to go to our past for evidence that we can create our results. That is a horrible idea and here is why…..
I was recently asked to teach a workshop. If you all have been following me for a while, you know my love for teaching and..
As most of you know, in May 2018, Steve and I decided to step out of our comfort zone and set out for a new..
I just launched a free Break the Commit and Quit Virtual Workshop and I am doing the work right along with everyone else. Every year..
I created a goals manifesto in 2017. I revisit it every year. It has not changed...Enjoy! Goals are meant to give your life direction, dimension,..
Let's face it...for some of us, mornings can be hard. Down right intolerable at times. Many of my students and colleagues have the notion that..