Worry, anxiety, self-pity, confusion, self-doubt and overwhelm, busy, boredom...all indulgent emotions. They seem harmless, they seem real, they seem to serve a purpose...they do not...
Self-doubt creeps into spaces where we lack knowledge and understanding. That's it! That is all there is to self-doubt. Sometimes we doubt our own ability..
Have you ever been looking forward to something soooooooo much and then the thought of being disappointed, let down or failing shows up and just..
This is the last blog for 2018.  Last year I set out to put as much value into the universe as possible with as much..
I don't want to set big goals, I would miss out on too much. I don’t want to work that hard. There’s more to life..
What do you  want?  I mean, really, really, really want?  How do you want to show up in  your life,  with friend’s,  at work,  with..
When Steve and I decided to explore the opportunity to move to Florida earlier this year, we received tons of confirmation from the universe that..