Take a chance. Feel the fear. Do it anyway. Instead of fear, be excited. Know it always works out. Know that you can handle it..
Do you get the Sunday  night blues, every night of the week? Do you vent about your boss or the company or co-workers? Do you..
In my blog, “Why Can’t I Get off My A&$”, I explained the brains Motivational Triad as the reason why our motivation wanes. Maybe this..
It's the middle of the year and maybe by now you have tossed your goals to the side.  Maybe you are on track, but losing..
When you embody gratitude, you will be given more to be grateful about. You are a divine power plant. Taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts,..
Have you ever known someone that just never seemed to have issues?  No drama, nothing bad ever happened, their life just seemed charmed.  Even when..
You create your happy by creating "happy habits." Stop waiting for random "happy" events...create them. Anticipation is a powerful happiness booster.  This is a 2..