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Take a Chance

As most of you know, a few weeks ago, Steve and I decided to step out of our comfort zone and set out for a new adventure, relocating to Tampa, Florida.  Adventurous is a word that no one would use to describe Steve or me.  In fact, we are both compliance people, risk averse!

I can tell you that many conversations took place before we landed on Tampa but that is a different blog.

What is important to know is that once we decided the what, the how started to reveal itself.  Even when we thought we knew the path and how it was going to go, it went a different way.

It’s also important to know that we had this conversation two years ago, the one about moving to Florida.

So how is it that this time it happened and two years ago it did not?


Two years ago, just talking about it kind of freaked me out.  It felt to big of a dream.  So, we decided that we should not take a chance, we should just ride out our careers and then make the move.  Don’t rock the boat.  Scarcity mindset.

This year when the topic came up again, I wanted to try my new mindset, the mindset of abundance.  The mindset that said, “why not explore the opportunity and see what comes up?”

We both intentionally reminded ourselves and each other not get attached to the how but focus on the what.

And guess what happened?

Within weeks, Steve had a job.  Then he began organizing and sorting his keep pile from his sell pile.  Then we sold the house, bought a house and amazingly, I get to stay with my job and work remote.  Two years ago I would have been afraid to ask if that was a possibility.

Our scarcity mindset of two years ago held us back, slowed down the process, and prolonged the inevitable.  We had quit on ourselves and failed ahead of time.

Embracing the abundant mindset opened our eyes to possibilities, and opportunities.  Embracing abundance has opened our lives to others who are sharing in our experience, supporting our adventure and cheering us on.

I will for sure be writing more about how we did it exactly but for now I want to leave you with this:

  • Take a chance on a piece of crap house sitting on crappy land, it could be your dream home, or someone else’s. Thank you honey for always seeing the vision even when it tested everything about us.  We passed!
  • Take a chance on that sad little dog that no one wants, it could rescue you right back. Thank you Penny, Bella, Two Putt, Harley and sweet Lucy.  I learned lessons that I did not even know I needed to learn.
  • Take a chance on that no bloodline horse that didn’t even have a name, she may teach you more than you thought you could ever learn. Thank you Baby J. I don’t understand you yet, but I am tying.
  • Take a chance and drive three hours and try that horse in the parking lot of a truck stop. Then take it home and go to the world show and blow your own mind.  Thank you my sweet Kit.  The horse with the running heart blaze and a heart that runs deep.
  • Take a chance and climb that prickly tree to rescue the only cat to ever wonder onto your property and live to meow about it. He might rescue you back.  Thank you Mr. Mr. Kitty.  You saved us that weekend.
  • Take a chance on a gelding named Buck. Regardless of how horrible he sounds, he may be the most amazing equine you will ever meet.  Thank you Buck.  I did everything on you first.  You started out being the horse that no one wanted and now you are everyone’s horse.
  • Take a chance on love again when your heart is ripped out and then buried, she is not gone, she still takes care of you. Thank you Scooter.  I felt you catch me when I fell, I feel your breath on my neck, and your presence is peaceful.  Please be on the trailer as we travel to Florida.
  • Take a chance on a black dog that someone dumps on your property, let him stay. He will fiercely protect you and lovingly greet you and all of your guests.  Thank you Shadow Man.  What an amazingly loyal and loving creature.
  • Take a chance on one more dog even when you know you have enough because he means so much to everyone and he will be just what you needed after all. Be so totally dedicated to loving him that you sit in the rain and play ball with him because that is what makes him happy.  Thank you D.  D, my grand doggy, my loyal protector, my barn yard companion, my daughter’s heart.
  • Take a chance on yourself and know that you have no limits. Even when your brain says that you do have limits, you don’t!  Take a chance!

We have had tragic experiences and loving experiences.  There were a hundred times that we wanted to throw in the towel, and do what, we didn’t know.  Anything but what we were facing seemed good enough.

Then the way we looked at things changed and that changed the way things looked.

When we saw the blessings even in the tragedy, the curse was lifted.  When we were grateful, we saw more blessing than we felt worthy of.

We have grown, evolved and matured, not just aged, but matured…not without taking a chance.

Now go be a goal getting, goal setting, goal digger!!!

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Sometimes I feel

  • lazy
  • uninspired
  • unmotivated

In these moments, I start thinking things like,

  • “You are a fraud girl, people will turn on you when they find out.”
  • “They all think that you are some kind of super-human.”
  • “You aren’t super at all, you are just human.”

Sometimes working on my goals is that last thing I feel like doing.

And if I am being totally honest, there are times I would rather not do the thought work and just sit in my head and throw a fit.

Shouldn’t we feel inspired all of the time????


You aren’t going to feel inspired or motivated most of the time!

Most of us wait until we feel inspired or feel motivation before we take action.

Some days I don’t feel like running, in fact, most days.  There are actually days that I don’t feel like riding my horses, gasp! Sometimes, I don’t feel any inspiration to write a blog.

None of these feelings have anything to do with my desire to achieve whatever the goal is.  My actions do!

You aren’t always going to feel happy and things are not always going to be easy just because you are doing something that you love.  In fact, the law of polarity says that 50% of the time you won’t be happy and things will be hard.

We self-sabotage and fail ahead of time and talk ourselves out of the very thing we can’t stop thinking about, just because we lose our motivation or inspiration and it gets hard.

I always thought that as long as I am on the right track, things would be easy and rainbows and unicorns.

Wrong…it’s mostly still a sh^t show!

The motivation to do something follows the activity of doing something.  Motivation follows action.  Not the other way around.  In fact, your brain will always try to talk you out of doing anything that is going to make you stretch and grow.  Your brain likes easy and familiar, even if it’s bad for you.

So even if you don’t feel like it, put one foot in front of the other, and just start moving one step closer, then another and then another.

As much as your brain loves to talk you out of doing something, it loves accomplishment, it loves a sense of completion.

So go do that thing, even when you don’t feel like it, even when it’s hard, even when…

Let your brain feel the sense of completion and accomplishment and then do that again!

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!

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This Amazing Life

  • Take a chance.
  • Feel the fear.
  • Do it anyway.
  • Instead of fear, be excited.
  • Know it always works out.
  • Know that you can handle it if it doesn’t.
  • Have an idea.
  • Don’t play safe, play fair.
  • Do it again.
  • And again.
  • Make someone’s day.
  • Let that fill you up.
  • Do it again.
  • And again.
  • Have an idea.
  • Lose sleep with excitement.
  • Wake up dying to tell someone.
  • Do it again.
  • And again.
  • Spend your money on things you think will fill you up. Eat the food, drink the drinks, watch the shows. Spend your time scrolling through the lives of everyone else while ….NEVER!!!!!
  • Take a class.
  • Buy a book.
  • Try something.
  • Feel frustrated that it’s hard.
  • Or be unsure that it’s your thing.
  • Or like you’re never going to be as good.
  • Do it again.
  • And again.
  • Take another class.
  • Start showing up differently – to your job, your family, your life.
  • Wear the good clothes.
  • Sing out loud in the car. Even though you aren’t alone.
  • Stop and doubt sometimes.
  • Do it anyway.
  • Feel like you’re getting pulled back in.
  • Shake it out.
  • Submit a piece of writing.
  • Or a piece of art.
  • Start the blog.
  • Quit the blog
  • Start the podcast.
  • Email your heroes.
  • Do a happy dance when they reply.
  • Try something that doesn’t work.
  • Wonder if you should give it all up.
  • Open your inbox to a message from someone telling you that you changed their life.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Do it again.
  • And again
  • Take 1 step toward your future you
  • Take more steps.
  • Realize that the only thing standing in your way is you.

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!

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Never…Ever…Underestimate You!!!

The absolute worst and most unimaginable thing that you can do to yourself is to decide ahead of time what you are capable of.

You are capable of more than you can even imagine.

That’s why goal setting is sooooo stinking tricky!  We tend to write down things that we are pretty sure we can achieve.  We play safe and when we play safe, we show up safe.  Showing up safe is not brave or courageous, it’s just safe.

Setting massive goals, big-ass, mack-daddy goals feels scary and huge and outside of anything that we can imagine for ourselves.  Exactly!

Set goals that excite you and scare you and energize you and push you to do things that you never imagined yourself doing…seriously, do it!

What is that thing that you can’t let go of?  That thing that feels like it only happens for other people, what is it?  Write it down.

Write down the story of achieving that goal.  Not the how, the what.  Describe what you achieved as if you have already achieved it.  How does it look, how does it feel, how does it smell?

What are your thoughts and emotions about achieving this goal?  Describe it all!

What will you day be like when you achieve this goal, what’s the first thing you do and what is the last thing you do every day when you reach this goal?

Just let your thoughts run wild and crazy and reckless with the possibility of what is possible…and write it all down, every last thought.

Do you want to know why?

Your brain will look for evidence that your thoughts are true.  You will start seeing opportunities, you will recognize the universe working in your favor.  You will start believing in what is possible.  You will move one step closer 1% at a time.

A very wise man is known for this quote and I believe it to be true…In fact, I am counting on it to be absolutely 100% truth.

”Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!”  Thank you Henry Ford.

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!



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Nothing Is Too Good To Be True

“I knew it was too good to be true,”  “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Yuk!!!!  What horrible thoughts!  Unfortunately, I have thought it and said it myself.

It’s a skeptical view-point and a scarcity mindset that something seemingly fine must have something wrong with it.

It’s a belief that nothing is as good as it seems, or worse, you aren’t worthy of receiving anything so good and favorable, so it must not be true.

Now I am not talking about things that are false being true, I am talking about legit, real things feeling too good, and/or being so close to what we want that we back away because, well…”it’s just too good to be true.”

So we fail ahead of time because we don’t want to be disappointed.  We don’t go for the job, or invest emotionally into the relationship or jump into the new business, even when we see evidence that we are on the right path, we dismiss the evidence as, “too good to be true.”

It’s just a thought that is put there by your brain as an effort to keep you safe, from feeling fear and rejection and feeling anxiety, it’s your brains motivational triad at work, and that’s OK.  Doesn’t mean you have to listen, doesn’t mean you have to respond, and it doesn’t mean it’s even true.

The truth is that “nothing is too good to be true” is a thought that you can choose to think as you approach your goals and objectives.  As you start down the path of up-leveling your life, becoming your future you, you are going to come face to face with opportunities and advantages.  Recognize them and take them.  They are not too good to be true, this is the way that the universe works.

Try thinking the thought that “nothing is too good to be true” over and over, write it out over and over.  Feel the peace that comes from thinking a thought like that, see if you  start seeing opportunities and advantages coming your way.

My husband and I have recently made a major life decision lately and almost as soon as we decided the “what” the “how” started presenting itself.  We started seeing opportunities that we could explore, and take advantage of.  We aren’t getting emotionally challenged or charged by any of the several opportunities available.  We aren’t dismissing them as too good to be true either.  In fact, our approach is that we are open to all of it and nothing is too good to be true.

It’s still scary, but fear is just a vibration in the body, it doesn’t hurt.  It is exciting and excitement is just a vibration in the body as well.

What makes you feel good or bad, is the thought that you choose to think. 

Somehow, we humans got the idea that we would only have good thoughts and things would be easy and fun and daisies and rainbows in pursuit of our goals and dreams.

That’s not true.  Pursuing your goals and dreams is scary, and exciting and hard and requires growth and you get tested and you fail and you try again and you grow again and then you get there and think…huh, that wasn’t so bad, what’s next?

So my friends, nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is too good to be absolutely true!

Now, go be a goal getting, goal setting, goal digger!!!



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Measure Yourself Against Where You Were, Not Where You Are Going

Goals have so many components to them.  There is the “what you want,” then there is the “how you gonna get it” and there is the “why do this thang”…and in any one of those areas we can get off track, give up and end up in the spin cycle of life where we rinse and repeat our days…day after day.

We can get so caught up in the outcome,  and what it means to achieve the goal, that we lose sight of who we are becoming in the process, and that my friends is where the gold is.  It’s in the process.

I know it’s easy to compare where you are to where you want to be and feel like you have so far to go.  You can find yourself asking, what’s the point?  I had that very experience this past weekend.

This past weekend I was at a recognized dressage show and had a chance to watch the upper level riders ride.  It was breath-taking and awesome and then overwhelming.  As I watched their rides I was excited for the possibility that one day I could be that good.  When the inner critic committee showed up, I was reminded of how far I have to go, reminded of the work ahead and reminded of the sense of feeling like I don’t belong in this dream.

When you measure yourself against how far you have to go, you start cheating yourself.  You cheat yourself out of how far you have come already, you cheat yourself out of where you are now, and you cheat yourself out of your future, because on this train of thought, you feel like quitting.

Clearly defined goals, with measurable milestones, helps you understand if you are making progress.  And it’s all about making progress.  Getting 1% better every day.

When you measure yourself against how far you have come, you may find yourself in a space that you never imagined, you may actually find yourself smack dab in the middle of pursuing your dream.   You may find yourself doing the thing.

That also happened this weekend.

It was just a few years ago I was figuring out dressage and how to tack up my horse, what to wear, the protocol, the training, riding in that little saddle, all of it, and now we are showing at recognized shows and winning blue ribbons.

Every rider that I watched this weekend was, at one time, where I am today and that’s where hope and inspiration comes from, all the possibilities.

Someone was watching us, and thinking about the possibilities for them, she was kind enough to let me know this weekend, right when I needed to be reminded.

She said, “I remember when I was at the 2015 WDAA World Show I saw your ride on your red horse.  I was talking to friends and I had to stop the conversation to watch.  I just love the way that your mare travels.  You two have a very good connection, and you can see that she just loves her job…”

Someone was watching me three years ago when I was just getting started.  WHAT????

So while you are pursuing your dream and you are feeling like it’s a train wreck, all while feeling overwhelmed, tired and defeated, remember this…someone else may be watching you and dreaming of all of the possibilities.

Now go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!

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What Big Goals Do That Little Goals Don’t

“Become a millionaire not for the million dollars, but for what it will make of you to achieve it.”— Jim Rohn

I love this quote and it can be applied to anything, not just wealth.

Working toward a goal, a really big one, a ginormous goal, grows you into a person that you would not become otherwise.  It transforms you.

It causes you to work smarter, learn more, show up in a big way, builds character, grit and determination.

Little goals don’t do that for you.  Little goals keep you moving and can keep you busy, maybe even distracting, but they don’t transform you.

In fact, if your goal doesn’t transform you, it might not be a goal at all, it might be a task or a project, and that’s OK as long as you weren’t expecting a major transformation.

I knew I wanted to compete with horses when we started our horse adventure 7 years ago — but I underestimated all of the things that becoming a competitive horsewoman would do for me, I also underestimated everything I’d need to learn and become as well.

Transformational goals teach you…

  • How to learn and become a great student.
  • How to generate and duplicate results.
  • How to show up in the world differently.
  • How to be with uncomfortable emotions.
  • How to define and redefine yourself.
  • How to manage your thoughts differently.
  • How to count on yourself, have your own back and be your biggest fan.
  • How to cheer generously for others and their success.
  • How to give praise and how to receive compliments and criticism.
  • How to develop patience, empathy, grace and gratitude.
  • How failure is nothing but a timing issue.
  • How to let go and how to hang on.
  • How to develop your instincts and trust yourself.
  • How to feel the fear and do it anyway.

What you learn and become is far more important than accomplishments.  In fact, if you over-attach yourself to your accomplishments, you’ll get fixated in your ego, you will get stuck.

Celebrate for a moment and then reset, calibrate and orchestrate a new goal.

What unrealistic goal are you trying to accomplish?

What is an unrealistic goal that you could pursuit that would facilitate the greatest transformation?  Do that!

Now go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!

photo credit:  Mary Lou Kultgen ~thank you Mary Lou!~




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Letting Go

Sometimes, in order to achieve your goal, you have to let go of the when and the how but hang on the belief that you can and will.

In my previous blog, I talked about wanting to “get the buckle” at the WDAA World Show in 2017 with Kit.  It’s a good read, check it out.  Well, I didn’t get the buckle at that show but…keep reading.

What I want you to understand is that just because you don’t hit your target, you didn’t fail, it’s a timing issue.  Maybe you got the how and when wrong and that’s OK.

Last year one of my friends was pursuing her bronze medal in dressage.  I remember being at one of the shows in which the score came in just a sliver too low, I mean, she missed it by a hair.  How disappointing for her, but a few months later she tried again.

This time, she slayed her ride and nailed the score, I mean hit it out of the park.  She earned her medal by a landslide, not a sliver.  She didn’t give up just because she missed it previously. The moment she got her score was incredibly emotional, it’s a difficult process to earn a medal and the obstacles she had to overcome were not easy.

You can’t get too attached to the how and the when you will attain what you desire because you just never know.  Be actively growing into the person who has achieved your goal, practice being that person today, do what that person does, learn what that person has learned.  Become the version of yourself that already has what you desire.

Practice being your higher self today!

So back to my buckle story…the story ends like this; I got my buckle but not how I thought or when I thought.  At the year end awards for the show season, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the award for Basic Level Champion was a buckle, and I won it.  The irony continues however, the horse I earned it on was not Kit, it was Baby J.

Now go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!

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“Only Those Who Risk Going Too Far Know How Far They Can Go” ~T.S. Elliot

It’s so fascinating that whenever we start to think about something that we want to do, something that we want to accomplish, our brain goes into what I call, motivational triad triage.

Remember, your brain wants to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy.

Whatever “the thing” is that you want to do, will require you learn something new or change a habit.  It will for sure require more energy and that’s not OK with your brain.

Your brain wants to do what is familiar, easy, and for sure always pleasurable.  It likes your old habits, even if they are crappy ones that are bad for you.

I remember so vividly all of the thoughts that I had around showing Kit at the Western Dressage World Show for the first time in 2015 and how different my thoughts were leading up to the  second show in 2016 and for sure the third show in 2017 was a stark contrast.

The first year my thoughts were, “Who do you think you are?”  “You don’t know what you are doing.”  You can’t possibly think you can do this, you are just getting your feet wet.”  “You are just here to learn, no one is going to take you seriously.” “You have never done this before.” “Kit is just a racehorse.”

The second year my thoughts were, “Last year was beginners luck.” “What if you don’t do as well this year as you did last year?”  “What will people say?” “People will find out you don’t know what you are doing.”  “They will think you are an idiot.”

I failed ahead of time, not once but twice.  Justifying, just in case I showed up crappy.

By the end of the second World Show, I knew I had to change my thoughts if I wanted to do a third World Show.  I was running out of steam physically and mentally I was on empty.  I was not disappointed with the outcomes at all, in fact I was incredibly proud but I still had thoughts that I could not shake and they were stealing the joy out of the experience.

That’s what negative thoughts do, they steal your joy!

The first thing I did was get very clear about what I wanted as an outcome.  I wrote down exactly what success was going to look like.  I wrote out how I would feel and what I would think, and dare I say, I wrote down that I wanted the dadgum buckle!

I didn’t want to just get my feet wet, or just have fun or just get experience.  Sure I wanted those things, but success would like a buckle, and it would look like a mentally healthy horse and rider, a physically healthy horse and rider, it would look like every ride  blew my own mind.  Success looked like me showing up 100% knowing I belonged there.  I was going to show up like I wanted the buckle.  I was going to train like it and show up like it.  That was my commitment to Kit and to me.

So instead of investing in the negative self-talk, I invested in all of the thoughts that said we could do this, that it was possible.

We always have a choice of looking at what is possible and investing in those thoughts, but our human default is to look at all of the ways that we can fail or what we have to lose and we get very attached to those thoughts.  We hang on to those thoughts like they are our life line.

Whatever we spend the most time thinking about is what forms our core beliefs and our core beliefs create our habits and our habits create our outcomes

But the good news is that when we focus on what is possible, our brain starts working towards that.   You intuition takes over and starts figuring things out, starts showing you the way.  Your gut instinct kicks in and decisions are made that support your outcomes and your grit grows and you start taking massive action toward your intentional outcomes.

When it got too hot, my intuition said, “let’s change the schedule up.”  When I was tired, my intuition said, “a break will do you both good.”  When I would get frustrated my intuition would remind me to do my thought work.  When self-doubt would creep in, I didn’t give it any authority and I managed my thoughts to support my habits and my habits supported my goals.

Sometimes, we humans think our goals should be easy, and comfortable, and that we won’t experience discomfort, and that all of our thoughts will be roses and sunshine with rainbows and unicorns.  That’s not true.

If your goals don’t stretch you, they aren’t goals, they are tasks.

Goals should make you take steps out of your comfort zone, they should teach you things, they should energize you.  They should make you grow, create impact in your life, evolve you.

To achieve your goals you are going to have to do things even when you really don’t want to.  You might have to get up at 5 am because it’s too hot to ride at night.  You might have to call 20 people today to make your sales goal when you would rather watch TV.  You might have to do your long run today even though you would rather go shopping.  You might have to eat healthy when everyone else is eating junk.

Your willingness to be uncomfortable is your currency to success.  Growth is never without at least a little discomfort.

So how do we move from wanting and wishing to doing and pursing that thing?

  1. Be very clear about your goal.  What does success look like?  How will you know if you were successful?  What does it feel like when you are successful?  What are your emotions when you hit your goal?  What are your thoughts about your success?  Write it all out in detail.  Read this daily.
  2. As you write out the detail of your goal, write down all of the thoughts and emotions that come up for you. What is the tone of voice that your inner critic is using?  What are the words?  What is the tone?  What exactly is she trying to protect you from?  What does the feeling feel like in our body?
  3. Write down all of the ways that you benefit on the journey of pursuing your goal? What all will you have to learn?  How much knowledge will you acquire?  Who will you become along the way?  How will you grow?  Financially?  Physically?  Mentally?  Spiritually?  Relationally?
  4. Who else benefits on your journey? Does your journey benefit anyone?  Think about it. Do you have to buy anything, take lessons?  Will your growth positively affect someone else?
  5. Do the “As long as”/ “Even if” exercise.                                                                                   I will commit to ______________ as long as it’s easy, as long as I look smart, as long as I win etc…                                                                                                                                      I will commit to ______________even if it’s hard, even if I am tired, even if no one like it, even if I am scared, even if I fail.  This will measure your commitment.            Think of as many statements as possible.  If you have more as long as statements, you may not have the commitment that you need right now, and that’s OK.  This is not to beat yourself up but to enlighten you to what it is that you really, really want.  I mean really, really, really want.
  6. Go back to #1, look at the emotion that you expect to feel when you hit your goal. Where in your life do you or have you felt that before?  Look for evidence of those emotions and how you can access them today.
  7. The thoughts that you will think when you hit your goal are available to you today.  In fact, you need to start practicing them now.  Your thoughts become your core beliefs that create your habits that support your outcomes.

So, how did the 3rd World Show go?  I didn’t win the buckle but I sure as dang sure made sure that I showed up like I wanted it.  We ended up 3rd again this year and it was an incredible journey.  This year (2017) success looked like this; my horse was happy and healthy going into the show and after the show, she was amazing and seemed to enjoy herself too.  I was happy and healthy going into the show and after the show, I had enough mental and physical energy to continue with a few more shows and we even showed up a level.  I felt like every ride blew my mind with how connected we were and in the end, the score wasn’t the most important measure of success, it was my thoughts.

Listen, I know this stuff is not easy and blogs tend to way over simplify things.  Don’t hesitate to ping me if you want to talk about your goals.  It’s my favorite subject!

Now go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digging, goal getter!!!

Photo credit goes to Camille Fuller who captures the most amazing moments.  Thanks Camille!

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Big Program Announcement!!!!!

You do not want to miss the free live training event happening beginning June 7th.

So far this year I have hosted 3 weight loss master classes.  I had the pleasure of teaching 16 beautiful ladies how to convert their bodies from sugar burner to fat burner.

Here is what happened:

  • Weight loss happened
  • More energy happened
  • No more brain fog happened
  • More mental sharpness happened
  • Appetite hormones reset happened
  • Metabolism reset happened
  • Learned how to eat without dieting happened
  • Handled cravings and urges happened
  • Controlling the food chatter happened
  • Self confidence happend
  • Self-love happend

And now, it can all happen to you!

The month of June I will offer 4 live training events via Zoom.  During the live training I will teach you and give you some things to do from week to week that will get you started on your fat burner journey.  Then I will open it up to live coaching Q&A’s.

We will be meeting via Zoom every Thursday from 7:00 to 8:00 beginning June 7th. .

You can invest 60 minutes a week in YOU!!!

How to join the Master Class:

  • Click on “Heck Ya” 
  • A few days before the first session, I will be sending you a conference call meeting invite with the dial in information in a separate email.
  • On June 7th and all Thursdays in June,  you will connect to the call using the link provided.  (With Zoom, you can do this from your iPhone, Computer, or iPad)

In the meantime…put some thought and I mean deep, deep thought into what you want and why you want it.

Go deep, that’s where all the good stuff is!

Wait, did I mention that it is free? 

Why on earth would I do that?

I want to put as much value out into the universe this year and this Master Class is totally going to help me complete that goal.

I am on a mission people!

I do hesitate offering this for free because sometimes, unless we pay for it we don’t understand the value of it.  I am believing in you all and that you will see the value and I am offering this for free!

In fact, if you know someone benefit from this Master Class, you can forward this email to them.  They will need to click on Heck Ya to be enrolled and receive the call in information.

We are going to do some high impact and transformational work over four weeks.

I hope that you are as excited as I am!



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Last Scarcity Blog & Program Announcement

Chances are pretty good that you have a scarcity mindset.  It’s quite normal and part of the brain’s motivational strategy to avoid pain.

It’s not your fault.  A scarcity mindset is woven throughout our lives and society.

Scarcity is just a belief in a limited supply of anything – food, water, money, resources, time or relationships.  It can show up anywhere!  If it does show up anywhere, chances are it shows up at least a little bit everywhere.

I was surprised to expose my own scarcity mindset recently and now that I am aware, I am noticing how it shows up in the craziest ways.

The more I learn about it, the more I want to know about it.

The best news is that you can overcome and reverse and allow abundance at any time you choose.

With that, I am choosing abundance, and I am going to create a program to show you how you can too.

This is such a huge topic and way too much to blog about.  There will be a program, probably at the end of fall, first part of winter season.   For sure, after horse show season.

I do have a highly impactful Weight Loss Master Class that I am launching on June 7th that you do not want to miss.  It’s free, only 4 weeks, one hour a week, and it’s going to be the last diet you ever do.  Click here to read all about it and sign up for the updates.

Goal diggers…I am on a mission to see some major transformations this year.  Don’t miss this!

Weight Loss Master Class June 2018

Now go be a goal getting, abundant, goal digger!!!

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Scarcity! Who? Me?

Do you walk around wondering if there is enough oxygen for you and me and the world?  You might, but probably not.  Why not?  Because we have a mindset of abundance when it comes to oxygen.  We might question the quality but not the availability.

Now, imagine we are scuba diving.  Suddenly I experience a malfunction of some sort and you need to share your oxygen with me.  I bet your mind would immediately go to thoughts of “what if I don’t have enough for me?”

Totally normal by the way.  Not offended.

This is a great illustration of the difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundant mindset.

You can almost feel the anxiety and stress of a diver having to share oxygen, scarcity.  In contrast, we go through our days not even thinking about how much oxygen there is. You can also feel the freedom and ease of not worrying about oxygen and knowing that there is plenty for everyone, abundance.

How does this show up in the work place?

The scarcity mindset has a very difficult time sharing recognition, sharing credit and being happy for anyone else’s good fortune.  We can feel like their gain is our lack, or that there isn’t enough for everyone and someone else just got the best part.  There is a sense of a lack of resources and few options to choose from.

An abundant mindset, in contrast flows out of a deep sense of self-worth and security.  It comes from a place of plenty for everyone.  It easily and genuinely shares in prestige and recognition and is open to possibilities, options, alternatives and creativity.

How does this show up in other areas?

  • Maybe we become jealous of the amount of time one friend spends with another.
  • Maybe we are trying to lose weight but can’t fathom throwing food away so we consume it.
  • We go out go out to eat and immediately order the cheapest thing on the menu.
  • Maybe we talk negatively about someone who just bought the house of their dreams or the car of their dreams or just got the job of their dreams.
  • Maybe we feel rushed and often feel like we are running behind.
  • We feel lonenly or have a need, but don’t want to “put anyone out.”

What’s the problem with a scarcity mindset?   Doesn’t seem incredibly harmful right?


A scarcity mindset is a fear-based thought loop.  It’s a thought error.  It makes you show up small, it illustrates your lack of self-worth, it steals your joy from living, and helps you make horrible decisions.  It keeps you from experiencing all the abundance that the world has to offer.

You can’t invite more into a mindset of lack.

What to do?

I have three tools you can use immediately to start showing up with an abundant mindset.

  1. Awareness  Of course, awareness is key to everything.  You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.   Be aware of complaining, criticizing, condemning others.  Be aware of the company that you keep, mindsets are contagious.
  1. Attitude of gratitude  Choose to see all that you have.  Gratitude actually positively rewires the pathways of your brain.  When you switch your thoughts from “I want” to “I have”, cool stuff happens.  Try it.  See the message in the mess.
  1. Give  It may feel counterintuitive but the best way to feel abundant is to give.  Give what you want more of.  If you feel underappreciated, offer appreciation to someone else.  Don’t feel like you have enough time to get your stuff done?  Help someone get something off of their plate.  Don’t feel like you have enough money?  Give to someone less fortunate, and there is always someone less fortunate.  Giving put you into an abundant mindset almost immediately.

Now go be an abundant, goal getting, goal digger!!!



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I’m Not Jealous, I Have a Scarcity Mindset

I am going to be really diving into the abundant mindset to help you and me create a more abundant life.   Can I get a yipppeeee???

I am so fascinated with what I have learned about my own scarcity thoughts while doing some of my own thought work and models.  What the heck?  I thought for sure that I was in a good place with so many topics like food, time, money, relationships.

Turns out…I have work to do.  The truth is, we all do!

How do you know if you have a scarcity mindset? Well, do any of these apply to you?

  • Unable to take a compliment
  • You are jealous of others good fortune (you find it hard to be happy for them)
  • You use words like I can’t or I don’t have or I want
  • Your thoughts always move to finances
  • Clutter (you hold on to things just in case)
  • Complaining (you may not even hear it)
  • Procrastination
  • Distracted easily
  • Busy, Busy, Busy
  • Feeling rushed often

Scarcity is a state of mind, a loop of negative thoughts rooted in fear.  Not only do we fear not having enough but we fear not being enough.  Fear causes anxiety.  Fear based thoughts lead us to make horrible choices and that leads us to horrible results.

What does this have to do with goals?  Everything my friend, everything!

When I talk about goals to anyone, I can usually count on the following intentions:

  • I want more time
  • I want more freedom
  • I want to make more money
  • I want to lose more weight
  • I want more from my relationships

Hmmmm….I am seeing a common thread here.  When we come from a place of not having instead of a place of what we have, we feel less than.  When we feel less than, we show up that way.  When we show up less than, that is exactly what we get!

We are going to go deep folks.  Deep into the caverns of scarcity.  We are going to call it out, name it for what it is and blow our own minds with abundant outcomes!!!

Stay tuned for a ride on the bus of abundance and growth mindset thinking.

Now, go be a goal getting, abundance living, goal digger!!!



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Goals Manifesto *repost*

Goals are meant to give your life direction, dimension, and texture.

Goals are meant to guide you on the path of becoming the person that you want to be, exactly how you want to show up.

Goals are not about where you come from, but where you are going.

Goals are not only about what you have or have not accomplished, but what is possible.

Goals are not meant to defeat, but to inspire.

Goals are not going to motivate you, you must move forward and invite motivation to follow.

Merely having a goal will not get you to the destination.

Missing the target or destination by your specified time is not a measure of failure, it’s a matter of timing.

As much as achievement counts, who I become along the way is by far more significant.

There is no end-point, I will always be striving for growth in different areas of my life at different times.

I accept that with every goal achieved I will have a different level of responsibility and for that reason, I will be responsible with the goals that I set.

“In 2018 my objectives will be met because I am going to carefully choose and manage my thoughts by selecting the appropriate emotions that will serve me. By being selective in my emotions I will choose actions that support my goals and as a result I will achieve and exceed my own expectations.”

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I Thought I Would Feel Different. What’s Wrong With Me?

Has this every happened to you?

You land your dream job, or married your dream man, or you got weight off, or you just scratched off that big goal and you thought to yourself, “I should feel differently, I should feel happy and satisfied, but I don’t.”  Continue reading “I Thought I Would Feel Different. What’s Wrong With Me?”