This week Stacey Boehman said the funniest and yet most true thing about belief.

Let me set this up…

Here is why she said it. We are seeking instant gratification from our belief work.  We think we believe, and because “we think” we believe, we think that it should all happen immediately!

Here is what she said…”this isn’t Ramen Noodles! We can’t just believe for three minutes and create a result.” I love her!!!

Belief is what we need to practice taking action from. We can’t just utter the words and think the result will come. But yet, that is exactly what we do.

We believe for a week and then wonder why it hasn’t happened yet. We believe for a few weeks and then decide it doesn’t work, and we quit.

Developing a state of belief requires a mindset shift. It takes time, and energy and effort and practice and more practice and more practice…”belief” practice.

We have been practicing “not believing” for a long time. We have a lot of old thinking to rewire. We have things to learn and to transformations to experience.

Just saying “I believe” does not satisfy the requirement of believing, and here is why…

When you just say the words, but you don’t really believe them, you will take action from “not believing.” When I don’t believe in my ability to create a result, I show up way differently than when I do believe. I bet you do too!

Here is a very recent example…

I have a horse, Dutch. He was TERRIFIED of the horse trailer. I have a goal to get my bronze medal. We MUST go to shows to earn them…in that trailer.

Do you see the problem?

Over the next few weeks, I asked him several times in hundreds of different ways, and he said no, hundreds of times. He reared up, walked backwards and flipped over. That was a hard NO.

I tried outsourcing the problem. I hired someone who guaranteed she could trailer train him in an hour or less. I would have paid $1000 for success.

It didn’t work. Three hours later…nothing but a sore horse and a desperate me!

When I am struggling with anything in my life, in any area of my life, I ask myself, what do I think and what am I believing about this situation.

So, I asked myself, “what do I believe about my ability to trailer train Dutch, what do I believe about Dutch learning to load up in the trailer?”

Guess what? I was thinking I couldn’t do it and he wouldn’t do it. I was showing up in disbelief. That created an energy that Dutch wanted no part of. It was showing up desperate, and frustrated, in doubtful energy!

So, what did I do?

I did the Believe New Things exercise, it only takes a few minutes a day for a couple of days in most cases. It works.

So a few days later, from the place of believing that I could trailer train him and that he would be trailer trained…he did it!

I asked and he said yes! He has been saying “yes” ever since!

What changed? My belief in my ability, that’s it.

I asked from a place of believing that I could create the result. I was confident, and patient and certain.

If you could take action today from believing, and I mean, really and truly believing in the outcome, what action would you take today.

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