I recieved a great question last week…How do I know if I have a scarcity mindset? What are the symptoms?

Here is a little scarcity mindset background for you…

The primal part of the  brain is wired for survival. This is great. It means your brain is going to do whatever it has to in order to keep you alive. And alive is good!

But let’s be honest, if you’re reading this post, you’re likely not living in survival mode.  You’re in air-conditioning worried thinking about what’s for dinner.

So, this primitive survival brain isn’t useful most of the time in our modern society.

Scarcity is rooted in survival.  Scarcity is rooted in fear.  Fear of not having enough.  Not having enough time, enough money, enough resources, enough sleep, enough food, enough clothes, jewelry…

There was a time when resources were short and we needed to worry about getting enough food, warmth, meeting a person and procreating. We don’t need that worry center any longer.

The worry of “not enough” was what motivated us to go out and get more…to survive.

Doing things for survival stimulates the reward center of your brain and it thinks it’s doing its thing.

But it’s not necessary anymore.  In fact, it keeps us from evolving to our highest and best self.  So, how you know if you are in Scarcity Or Abundance?

Here is a little test..

The first test is to ask yourself how you feel most of the time.  Make a list of your dominant emotions.

When I did this a few years ago, I was feeling bitter, angry, resentful, scared, miserable, pissed, ornery…

If you’re feeling a lot of negative emotion and rarely feeling positive emotions that’s a sign you may be thinking there’s more lack than abundance in your life.

All of those negative emotions are rooted in fear and create scarcity.

Imagine feeling angry and pissed off most of the time.  Can you imagine what kind of unsettling relationships I was attracting?  It explains a lot!


Ask yourself, what are your thoughts and feelings when someone else gets what your heart desires?

Are you happy and joyful?

Or are you jealous and frustrated?

Be really honest with yourself without beating yourself up.

Think about when someone buys a new car or a new house.  Are you genuinely happy for them or do you kind of blister up on the inside and talk about how foolish they are with their money?

It’s really important that you bring awareness to it because it’s not how you act, (and by act I mean, fake it to others) that creates your results…it’s how you think.

I did a Transformation Tuesday this week about Life Pillars and how to tell if you are in Scarcity or Abundance.  You can watch the replay here.

The reason that this is important is that you can’t create abundance in your life from a place of lack and scarcity.

Abundance only comes from an abundant mindset.  Ready to work on yours?

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