Our brain loves to go to our past for evidence that we can create our results.

That is a horrible idea and here is why…

When you have hopes and dreams and desires to create results in your life, for yourself, in your future, it usually involves that you will be doing things that you have never done before.

Maybe you want to create a business, get a new job or get a new role, lose weight, get a degree, find your soul mate…

Your brain will NATURALLY resist all of the new doing and new thinking that will be required in order to create your result.

It’s uncomfortable to do new things and it’s not always obvious that we need to direct our thoughts differently.

I have a goal to get my Bronze Medal in Dressage. I have never ridden any of the tests that I will have to learn how to ride. I have never ridden a horse that is trained to do those tests. I have never trained a horse to do what is required. There are lots of never’s involved in trying to create this result.

My brain tells me every day that this is a horrible idea. It throws me thoughts like…”who do you think you are, and why are you investing so much time and money, and the big one…what’s the point?”

Your brain will do the same.

It’s the primal part of the brain doing what the primal part of the brain does. It thinks it’s doing something important for survival. It thinks it’s keeping you safe.

It doesn’t know that in today’s world, with all of the ways that we have evolved as humans, we need not to seek pleasure and comfort but seek growth.

So how do we stay in growth?


Believe in your ability to do this thing, find a way and figure it all out.

Believe in your ability to create the results that you want to create and to accomplish all the things that your heart desires.

Believe just to believe.

Because you can…

…and because there is no downside to that thought.

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