Your brain will feed you thoughts that feel true, even when they are not.  Your brain will also not believe the reality of what is even with mountains of evidence.

What’s at play?  The ego!

It’s the primal part of the brain designed to keep us safe, it is designed for survival.

That part of your brain serves a very useful purpose and yet, it also keeps us stuck and not living our best lives if we don’t manage it.

It’s called Confirmation Bias.  Your brain wants you to be right, even when it’s wrong!

Awareness is half the battle.  Knowing that this is how the brain works and that it is normal and very human will help you understand that nothing has gone wrong and that you are not broken.

Sometimes, Confirmation Bias plays to your favor but often…it does not!

I am sharing 6 lies that my brain loves to throw me and how this thought could affect your results.

  1.  If it seems to be to good to be true, it probably is.  I know that it sounds like a good safe thought and that is the problem.  It makes you play way to safe, it stifles the belief that everything is possible and nothing is to good to be true.  That thought keeps you from showing up and putting yourself out there.  It keeps you in the same rinse and repeat cycle of life.
  2. I should be further along than I am.  This is the kind of thought that has you arguing with the reality of what it is.  It has you feeling a sense of entitlement to be somewhere that you aren’t.  It can cause you to job hop, relationship hop, and hop from one business to another, one niche to another.
  3. This is just the way I am.  This thought implies that there is no hope for you to develop and evolve beyond what ever you believe about the way that you are.  This thought had me believing that I would never be able to read and comprehend, let alone be a writer who writes blogs that thousands of people read.  This thought keeps you stuck and without hope.
  4. I will be happy when…Once I lose the weight, land the job, get the promotion, marry the guy…then my life will be different.  This thought is keeping you from stepping into who you are meant to be right now.  This thought implies that it will be better there than here.  Then when we get there we wonder why we aren’t happy there and slide right back to where we were.
  5. I don’t have time.  A scarcity mindset of time is a dream thief.  This thought says I want to lose weight but I don’t have time to meal prep and plan and workout and so I will just stay stuck here.  It says, I don’t have time to take the class so I just won’t be able to develop myself professionally, I will just stay stuck here.  It says I am just too busy, busy, busy to be successful.  I will just stay stuck here.
  6. My issues are unique.  This keeps you from seeking answers and asking for help.  It keeps you from growing and evolving past your “unique” problem.

All of these thoughts kept me from showing up as my highest and best self. They kept me “in the cave” so to speak. They held be back and kept me from showing up in a way that could move me closer to my results.

So here is my challenge for you.

  • Identify the lies that your brain is telling  you.
  • Challenge everyone of those thoughts.
  • Think about who you would be without those thoughts and then change them.

Alright my friends…go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger.

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