It dawned on me today how often I have said this in my life.

“I just can’t wait.”

…to graduate from school
…to get married
…to be the perfect weight
…to get rid of this zit
…to get the promotion
…to make more money
…to have longer hair

In fact, I said it on our walk this evening. “I can’t wait for our first dressage show.”

As humans, it’s human nature to look forward to things in anticipation of them.

It’s the part of the human experience that makes holidays and birthdays and hitting major milestones fun.

It’s the part of the human experience that has us seeking to up-level our lives and create results.

That’s a good thing.

Where we get off the rails is when we think that our life will be better there than it is right now.

That we think somehow we will be happier when we get the job, make more money, lose the weight, grow the hair, retire from the daily grind.

Thinking that anything outside of you will make you feel better is missing the best part of being a human.


If you can’t wait for something…don’t.

The way that you think you will feel when you get that thing that you “just can’t wait” for, is available to you now.

Feel that feeling now! Decide to feel it now!

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!!