Thinking, “there isn’t enough time” for something that you really want to do is a habit.  It’s a habit that actually creeps into your time and takes the time that you do have.

It’s a scarcity mindset habit to be exact.

Your brain has been trained to think in terms of not having enough of a lot of things, food, money, love, respect, appreciation…but especially time.

That is part of the reason why we quit on our goals…”there isn’t enough time.”

But it shows up in other areas too…like relaxing and enjoying your life, “there’s not enough time”

It shows up when you think about making people you love a priority…”I wish there was more time.”

First thing when we wake up we think…”I didn’t get enough sleep or I have so much to do and…no time.”

It shows up when you think about the weekend…”it’s never long enough.”

One of the most limiting beliefs you can have is that there is not enough time!

There is ENOUGH!  There is always enough time to do the things that you love.

Doing thought work around time and money has been some of the most beneficial work I have done. It is the gift that I have given myself.

One of the biggest shifts I have made in creating more time is to stop believing the idea that I don’t have enough time.

This week, be very aware of how often you tell yourself a story about time.  Feel how often you feel the pull of not enough in the area of time.

This week, stop believing your story about time.

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