I am working on a goal with my Break the Commit and Quit Cycle Virtual Workshop group.

Tonight as I am taking action on my goal, and I sit down to practice my piano for 5 minutes, it occurs to me how uncomfortable it feels and how much intolerance I have for discomfort.

Even though no one is watching or listening.  I am all alone in my discomfort of practicing.

It’s hard for us humans to intentionally do something that we are not very good at.  Our brain does not tolerate discomfort AT ALL!!!

That is why we quit.

My brain’s motivational strategy to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy does not understand why I would want to play so miserably in an effort to get better.

It questions why I don’t just quit, or skip it tonight.  It asks me…”who will care?”

My brain is trying to protect me from humiliation, rejection and failure of playing terribly.

Here is the deal.  I can be uncomfortable for a little while as I learn to evolve as a pianist.

I know that you have heard me and others say that your willingness to be uncomfortable is the key to your success, and it’s true.

You have to be willing to be bad in order to get good.

As I played tonight, it occurred to me that feeling humiliation isn’t so bad, if this is all it feels like.

I can be uncomfortable while I grow or I can live in the discomfort of not trying…either way there is discomfort.  One will result in growth, one will not.

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