A year ago, I committed to doing a little facebook live called “Transformation Tuesday.” Every Tuesday for a year, we met as a group, I taught you things about things you could do to up-level your results. I shared with you some of my own journey as I figured some of this out for myself.

I hope that you loved it as much I did. If you have no idea what I am talking about…click on Transformation Tuesday and you will see all of the videos.

Here is a list of at least 52 things that I taught you this year. All of my love to all of you this holiday season.

  1. The Thought Model. You learned all about The Thought Model
  2. Your thoughts create your results and if you want different results, it starts with different thoughts.
  3. Your brain has a negative bias, it’s the primal part of the brain also called ego and subconscious.
  4. We operate in the subconscious section of our brain 90% of the time.
  5. It serves us information as if it is the news…it is not.
  6. You must use your prefrontal cortex to trump your negative bias when it does not serve you. You will discern that from your adult brain, the evolved part of the brain. The prefrontal.
  7. Your brain has a Motivational Triad…It’s goal is to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy. It’s always going to look for the easy button, the one meant to keep you in the cave. You must trump that strategy by Seeking growth, being willing to be uncomfortable and taking inspired action. You are stronger than you need to be and smarter than you think, don’t let your own brain tell you differently.
  8. Your journey to your goal will not be daisies, and rainbows and sunshine and pearls. If it is, you didn’t set the bar high enough. The person that you become on the journey is the icing on the cake. The goal is the cherry on top. Picture a cake with just the Cherry and no Icing. It just looks incomplete.
  9. You either don’t want to or you need help. “I don’t know how and I can’t” is an indicator of what you need to learn next or what you do not want to do in the first place.
  10. Real food has one ingredient. Eat real food 90% of the time.
  11. Saying “no” is saying “I love you” to you and yes to what you need to do to create the result that you want.
  12. Be your own hero. Have your own back, keep your promises to yourself.
  13. As long as you don’t quit, impossibility becomes possibility and then possibility becomes inevitability. Your success is inevitable as long as you do not quit.
  14. Other people’s opinions of you are not your business. Your opinion of other people is also not your business. Stay in your business, stay in your lane.
  15. Stress is an indulgence emotion. So is overwhelm, anxiety, confusion, self-pity and self-doubt. Their only purpose is to keep you from evolving and living the life of your heart’s desire. They are meant to keep you in the cave.
  16. Never, ever, ever underestimate the power of your thoughts. They are after all, what is creating your results.
  17. You cannot ask enough questions from curiosity but even one question from confusion is too many.
  18. Whatever you want to feel right now and how you think you will feel when you hit your target, is available to you now. In fact, it’s required of you now in order to create your result.
  19. You’re a human and you have a brain.
  20. What you believe is not truth and sometimes what is truth, you don’t believe.
  21. No one is immune to sadness or grief or fear. Avoiding the feeling of negative emotions is the opposite of what you need to do. Be willing to feel them all.
  22. The relationship with yourself is the most important one you will ever have – keep it loving, honest, and drama thought-free.
  23. Everything is figure-out-able. Not knowing how has nothing to do with achieving the result you want. Your brain will try to keep you in the cave by saying that you don’t know how. It’s not about the how, it’s about the what and the why.
  24. Abundance is a state of being. It’s not about how much you have. I have worked with students who are millionaires and they still feel like it’s not enough.
  25. Scarcity mindset is the ninja thief of joy and abundance.
  26. Whatever you focus on grows. Think of all the things you have and love and you will invite and create more of that. Think of all the ways that you are getting ripped off and someone else is getting your and you will create more of that.
  27. Perfection is rooted in fear. Procrastination is the other side of the same coin of perfectionism.
  28. Managing your mind will create more time, and money and better relationships with both.
  29. There is no good or bad thoughts and emotions, just thoughts and feelings that serve you and those that don’t. You get to decide what to think and what to feel.
  30. Arrogance is born in fear.
  31. Confidence is born in love, self-love.
  32. No one has the power to make you feel anything. That’s an inside job.
  33. If you want to know how you created your results, look at your thoughts.
  34. Thoughts and emotions must be in alignment to create the result that you want.
  35. Thoughts are the language of the brain, emotions are the language of the body, alignment is the language of the soul.
  36. Having a manual is pre-meditated resentment.
  37. Life is 50/50 and “there” is not better than here.
  38. Having money does not make you good or bad or change your character. Money makes you more of the person that you already are.
  39. Having a good relationship with time and money determines how much time and money you create, invite and attract into your life.
  40. Time is not money.
  41. Money is energy.
  42. You earn money in direct proportion to the value that you create.
  43. Show up as your futures self today.
  44. Anything and everything is possible.
  45. Nothing is too good to be true.
  46. Believe in your ability to create the result, always believe even when there is no evidence.
  47. Impossible is always only temporary and as long as you keep going, success is inevitable
  48. When things feel hard remember that you can do hard things and that this is where the growth is happening.
  49. Write down your goals and watch the universe unfold opportunities.
  50. Don’t get attached to the how
  51. Plan and create strategies to overcome all of your obstacles and then…
  52. Leave room for the magic my friends, leave lots of room for the magic!