I get these question a lot from my students who are either trying to grow their business or the students who are trying to get the promotion at work…

  • “How do I know how much value to give before I can expect a return?”
  • “How do I balance giving value with getting something in return?”
  • “What if I contribute all I have to contribute and I still don’t land the client or get the job?”
  • “Exactly how much should I give away?”

My answer is:

Give it all, every day. Hold nothing back for later, and expect nothing in return for what you give.

Don’t give to get.  Give to give and give it all you’ve got!

  • It’s the scarcity mindset that has you thinking that you should get something in return for everything that you give.
  • It’s a scarcity mindset that has you thinking that you shouldn’t do a job you aren’t “being paid” to do.
  • It’s a scarcty mindset that has you thinking that if you give too much, people will just take from you and you won’t get anything in return.
  • It’s a scarcity mindset that has you thinking that you will run out of ideas and creative ways to contribute.

From you pre-frontal cortex, and with an abundant mindset, wake up every day asking these question instead…

How can I blow my own mind today?  How can I blow my boss’s mind today.  How much value can I contribute to the universe today? Who can I serve today?  What needle can I move today?

Stop looking for where the pay off is coming from and just focus on filling up your value bank.  When your value bank starts over flowing, it all comes back.

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, value bank filling, goal digger.