Let’s face it…for some of us, mornings can be hard. Down right intolerable at times. Many of my students and colleagues have the notion that “they just aren’t morning people.”

What are morning people anyway?

The notion that you are a morning person or not…is just a thought. Yep…you are the one that gets to decide what you think about mornings.

If you thing they are hard, guess what they are? Hard!

I know from working with several people this year on their goals, that starting first thing in the morning sounds like a great idea the day before.

Then morning comes and the idea is not so great after all.

Maybe you plan on getting up and hitting the gym or going for a run or reading, meditating, journaling. Maybe you planned on getting an extra 30 minutes of professional development or personal growth under your belt.

Then the alarm goes off, and you lost that loving feeling for that goal from the day before…and the days is off to a not so productive start.

We can flip this script.

It starts by working on your relationship with the morning time. Just like every other relationship, your relationship with the morning time…it matters!

If you are talking about the morning time as something you don’t like or that it comes too soon or that you really aren’t good at, guess what you create?

You guessed it, a morning like most mornings. Getting a late start, feeling rushed, overwhelmed and tired. You dread the start of the day and that sets the tone for the entire day my friends.

As humans we tend to wake up in scarcity. We tend to have immediate thoughts like…”I didn’t get enough sleep” or “I slept too long and now I don’t have enough time.” “I have soooo much to do and now time.” We feel short changed of time from the very beginning.

Think back to a time that you woke up feeling energized and feeling like you had so little to do and so much time to do it in. Maybe vacation…maybe?  We wake up in scarcity most days.

We can blame not being a morning person on many factors but the truth is there is only one reason…your thoughts!

If you think that you are not a morning person, guess what? You aren’t. If you think you are a morning person, guess what? You are!

But Janet…really…I am not. You are right my friend. You are not. But it’s not for any other reason than your thoughts.

You either don’t want to be a morning person (totally fine by the way0, or you need help managing your relationship with mornings and getting the most value out of your day.

I can totally help!  (Click here)

What is your relationship with mornings? Do you look forward to the start of the day or dread it? You do not have to dread mornings for one more day if you don’t want to.

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!