Part of working toward becoming a more emotionally balanced person means that you get to decide how you WANT to feel and then you work toward that emotion.

So many of us are living at the effect of the emotion derived from unmanaged thoughts.  The thought that creep in based on what life throws at us.   The thoughts that create UNWANTED emotions.  The thoughts that drive the emotion that fuels the overeating, overdrinking, the overindulging…you get the picture.

You are the one that gets to decided how you feel by managing the thoughts that you entertain.

This month in  Self Coaching Scholars, we did a ton of work on creating emotional balance.  I love the idea of being able to choose the emotions that we want to experience just like choosing an entre from a menu or a dessert from a buffet table.  How yummy!

Now, before your brain runs away with you and says “that’s not possible,” check it for a minute and read on.

In the organization I work for it important to ask great questions.  In fact, in the role that I am in, it’s critical to be curious and to ask great questions.  Two things that I would have never thought possible of me before doing this work.

Curios…not confused…is one of the emotions that I chose for the year to really focus on.  It takes practice if you are not a curios person by nature, I am not curious by nature.

It takes practice to be willing to be curious about yourself and what is going on in your own brain.  It takes practice coming up with great questions to ask yourself from a place of curiosity vs confusion.

Confusion is easy.  That where the brain likes to go.  That’s where my brain like to go if it’s left unmanaged.  It keeps me in the cave.

Try curiosity instead.

Here are some great questions to start your curiosity journey.  Enjoy!

  • What would it take for you to believe that you could create all the results in your life that you heart desires?
  • What would you do today if you knew without a shadow of doubt that your results are already on their way to you?  How would you show up today with that knowledge?
  • What if you did know exactly what to do, what would you do next?
  • What is the exact result that you want to create next?
  • What will it feel like to create that results?
  • What is keeping you from feeling that way now?

Now, go be a very curious goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!!

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