Do you find yourself feeling burned out, overwhelmed and just plain over it.?

Have you hit the wall. Sick of feeling sick of it all?

Are you at you breaking point?   The last straw?  Done?

Everyone has a limit. What should you do when you feel like you have reached  yours?

This is what I am NOT going to say…

  • Keep going no matter what, at all costs, don’t quit now!
  • Fake it ’til you make it.
  • Work your fingers to the bone.
  • You’re a failure.
  • I am so disappointed in you.
  • You could have been so much more.

If you don’t want to quit but you want to get your mojo back, here is some help.

Take a break, take a step back, take a minute and rest.

The more you think about how burned out you are, the more burned out you become.  Inspiration is never born in a space of frustration, overwhelm and burnout.

If we keep telling ourselves we are done, sick of it… but we keep working away at it, we’re only going to attract more of the same negative results into our lives.   More things to be sick of and done with.

Continually plugging away at something that doesn’t light you up will never inspire anything wonderful.

Better to take a break & come back to things once you’ve filled your soul back up.

So, how do you fill your self back up, light your own fire and get going again?

Several weeks ago, I had my own little fit.  Well, maybe it wasn’t so little.

I was sick and tired of my old website.  I had created it two years ago when I started blogging but now it looked like a 5th grader made it.

I had hired someone to work on it.  She wasn’t a good fit.  I fired her.  I tried to do it myself and I was so frustrated, overwhelmed and down right angry about it.

I felt like quitting it all…the blogs, the Transformation Tuesday, the workshops, all of it.  I was done!

After I threw my fit, for sure I didn’t feel better, I felt terrible.  But here is what I did do.

  • I took a break.
  • I wrote down the thoughts that were coming up.
  • I stepped back from doing the work but got into figuring out what was going on in my brain.
  • I found the real reason that I was feeling so emotional and I worked on that thought.

Once I found the real thought, I could see that that website wasn’t making me frustrated.  It was all the crappy thoughts I was having about it.

After a few days of working on my thoughts, my mood changed, my perspective changed.  I was able to get back into inspired action an think from a place of inspiration instead of frustration.

Guess what?

I figured it out.  I just changed the theme.  Now my website looks totally different.  I can live with this one and now I am committed to learning more about building websites.

I hope that you like the new look and if you find yourself feeling burned out, overwhelmed and frustrated, I hope that you will reach out to me.  I can totally help!

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!

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