Self-doubt is a silent stalker. It creeps in, hijacks your thoughts, tricks you into thinking you are incapable & sends you into depth’s of procrastination, it derails projects and dreams.

It sits quietly waiting and watching for you to move just outside your comfort zone and then it pounces.

If this sounds familiar…You’ve got the stalker… I’ve got it too!

I had a fun “catch-up” conversation with a friend recently and while we were talking she expressed to me that she always pictures me as courageous and fearless.

I was surprised.  Um… fearless?   Nope, definitely not talking about me.

I know what she was referring too though.

Here’s the deal…self-doubt will always be part of life because I know I am I’m pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I’m not surprised when it shows up in fact, I expect it to show up.

Since I want to grow more than I want to stay safe, learning to recognize when self-doubt creeps in is crucial because it will always be there waiting quietly.

I thought is might be helpful to give you some of the things I do when the self-doubt stalker creeps in…

  1. Allow it, stop and acknowledge whatever doubting BS thoughts you are thinking. Hear them out maybe even give them a nod like I knew you’d show up, old friend.
  2. Stop letting yourself indulge in self-doubt.  Yep, just stop!
  3. Call yourself out on your own BS thinking! This is called emotional adulthood and it is so powerful!
  4. Question your questioning : Why are you questioning? Is it resistance? Can you believe harder even when there’s no evidence to support you? This is the gritty part and sometimes there won’t be clear evidence to support your endeavor and this may require you to dig deeper.
  5. Write al  the thoughts you are having about self-doubt, have a thought dump and don’t worry about complete sentences and punctuation. Writing thoughts down can be great for clearing space and helping you find clarity!

Why does self-doubt exist?

It’s your brain’s job is to think just like the heart’s job is to beat.

Your brain will seek comfort in the familiarity of self-doubt even when it results in a negative outcome.

Self-doubt is a sign of growth and it is part of evolving, it’s an indicator…

You can get good at growing or you can get good at staying the same.  Both options are available to you.

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!