Many of us dim our own shine with the way we think about ourselves and the way we talk about ourselves and the way we show up in the world.

Here’s the Transformation Tuesday Replay if you missed it…

Here is why that is a bad idea…

  • You rob others of the benefits of knowing your story.
  • Your journey and your story and accomplishments encourage others.
  • Your gift may be just what someone else needs and will make room for…missed opportunity.
  • You miss out on someone supporting or cheering for you.

So many times we hear people talk about not needing to dim other’s shine in order for us to shine…the opposite is true too.  You don’t need to dim your shine in order for others to shine.

There is an abundance of shine for everyone!

Your shine does not stop anyone else from shining, it only add to how collectively we glow.

Be confident in who you are and how you show up and light the way for someone who is looking for someone to follow.

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