Here’s the kind of stuff I heard growing up, and stuff a lot of my student grew up hearing too…

  • You either succeed or you fail.
  • You are either rich or poor.
  • You do it right or wrong.
  • You are either are a have or a have not.
  • You are either happy or sad.
  • You are either worthy or you are not.
  • You are either smart or you are dumb.
  • You either have a work life or a home life.

The language of scarcity has no middle ground, it’s the language of extremes.   Extremes of “goodness” or “badness”…”Positive or Negative”  “Have or Have Not.”

Scarcity feels choice-less

In scarcity, we cling to whatever perceived goodness is available, desperately hoping it won’t change or go away, we wait for the other shoe to drop.

  • Scarcity creates fear that we may never have what we want, or if we do get it, we fear that we will lose it.
  • Scarcity feels rigid and brittle.
  • Scarcity is feeling like a victim yet trying desperately to control the outcome.
  • Scarcity feels like shifting sand.

If any or all of this is resonating with you…in the words of Taylor Swift, let’s “Shake it Off”

Abundance is a choice.

Allowing abundance to be at the heart of your main operating system is a process of retraining your brain to think in terms of possibilities instead of extremes.

One of the simple ways to make the shift in your thoughts and emotions from scarcity into abundance, is changing the language you use.

Allow abundance with a simple “AND”.

“And” is additive and inclusive. ‘

“And’ has room to breathe.

“And” is fluid.

“And”is the language of possibility.

“And”implies awareness and choice.

  • You can be scared out of your mind and also courageously move forward.
  • You can be sad about something happening in your life and also feel great joy about something else.
  • You can feel fear and still act from a place of love.
  • You can be strong and feel completely surrendered.
  • You can fail miserably at one thing and be a wild success all at the same time.
  • You can have no money and feel completely prosperous.
  • You can have the man of your dreams and the career of your dreams.
  • You can have the fun and win the buckle.
  • You can be winning and learning.
  • You can be right about some thing and wrong about others.
  • You can have the job of your dreams and have a balanced work life balance.

‘AND’ is the language of abundance.