Manage Yourself Wisely (You know…like an adult)

This includes getting enough sleep, eating clean, drinking more water, moving your body.

When you start putting to practice all the things that you know (you don’t need me to tell you) you will stop accepting late nights, crappy food and sitting on the couch bloating.

You will refuse that lifestyle and you will up-level your life balance.

Manage Your Time (Like it’s the most valuable resources you have)

Stop thinking you can do all the things all at the same time and do it well. You were never good at multi-tasking, so stop!

Enjoy the thing in front of you, give it all you got.

Managing your time better creates more time and it creates a person who is more present in the moment. If you need help…here is a super awesome workbook.

Turn Off Notifications and Unplug (The Universe will survive and so will you)

Seriously…do it! The world will be just fine if you don’t read every email the moment it hits your inbox.

This is the best news ever… someone can post something on Facebook and I am 99.9% sure it will not alter your life at all.

All of these electronic devices and social medial channels are draining your energy, they do not fill you up, they create stress and anxiety.

It is totally possible to start all of these habits right now…today, and start stepping into a life with balance.  Next week I am talking about habits so stay tuned.

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