Do you ever wake up with a thought that you can’t shake?

Do you have thoughts that pop into your head right in the middle of a perfectly awesome moment and they seem to deflate your perfectly good time?

Ever wonder why this happens or what you can do about them?

Me too!

Thoughts that interrupt our sleep or our daily experience are intrusive thoughts. They are generally thoughts that don’t serve us. We didn’t mean to think them, but here they are anyway!

These thought break into our consciousness without our desire for them to be there. They can be irritating, annoying, disruptive to our sleep and disruptive to how we want to experience our life.

These thoughts become more powerful when we try to resist them or go into combat with them.

We tend to either try to ignore them or we grab onto them, wrestle with them and then beat ourselves up for even having them.

That will never work!

There is a Zen saying that says your thoughts may visit but don’t serve them tea.

In short, don’t make the thought have meaning. Acknowledge that it showed up and then exchange it..

Knowing that this is just a thought and that doesn’t make it true is super helpful.  You can even have a talk with the thought. Not an argument, a talk.

If you are ready to retrain your brain, if you are ready to rid this thought, try this brain hack.

Take a “Thought Fast!”

Choose a thought that is disruptive to your life. The next time it pops into your head, allow it, acknowledge it and then exchange it.

Exchange it for a thought that is not disruptive, one that contributes to your life.

Do this for the next 30 days. Take a break from the thought!

Why is this important?

Your thoughts create your results. 100%of the time. Changing your thoughts, creates different results.

If I am constantly thinking the thought that I am tired…guess what? Even if I am not really sleepy, I feel a drain of energy.

That thought is disruptive, it drains me…so instead, I am going to think, “I feel accomplished” or “I feel amazing or unbelievable.”

Awareness is key…what thoughts do you need to take a break from?

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