Many of us struggle with a past we regret and we are in the habit of beating ourselves up for who we are right now.

We are disconnected from our future because we don’t believe in the possibility that we can create a different result.

I want to help you imagine a relationship with yourself in all three time zones.

Past, present and future self.

It’s time to step out of the past of regret and present state of self-assault and into a future self by design, full of balance and abundance.

Today, I want you to think about what your past self gifted to you that you are enjoying the benefits of today.  The brain may say something like…”huh?”

Humor me…

Here are a few examples of mine…

My past self didn’t quit 8 years ago when she fell off the mounting block 4 times.  Today, thanks to her, I am a good rider with confidence and ability.

I am thankful that my past self spent hours and hours learning how to be a good horsewoman, equestrian and human.  Even when 5 am was super early and 10 pm was super late, she kept learning and today I benefit from that.

My past self  conquered a healthy relationship with food and stopped obsessing over food.  Even though cravings and urges were tough, she figured out how to stop because she knew it would not serve her.  Today, I can enjoy eating without guilt, without fear, and I am almost 60 and zero medications.  Maintaining y weight is easy today because of my past self.

I am soooo glad that my past self invested in personal development even thought it felt like too much money and her scarcity mindset freaked out.  Today I enjoy well-being beyond my imagination.

Today, as a result of my past self, I enjoy relationships that I thought could never be repaired.  As a result of my past self, I am obsessed with helping others.

She totally hooked me up with a job I love with an organization I love.   She did things that scared her and challenged her. She worked hard even when she didn’t feel like it.

My past self created an amazing daughter and now I enjoy three beautiful grand children.  It was not always easy to travel and yet I am so thankful that she did because I have been present and engaged in their lives.

My past self mastered “over consumption and under production” and learned how her scarcity mindset was  preventing abundance.

My past self learned how to forgive in such a big way that it changed my life forever!

So my question to me today of my present self is, what can I do today that will make it better for my future self tomorrow, a week from now, a year from now, 10 years from now.

How can I make things even better for my future self than my past self made for me?

What decisions can I make today for my future self so that I can gift her the way my past self gifted me.

If you are tired of beating yourself up over your past, it’s time to look at your past for the gifts that you have received.  What did your past self give you that you enjoy today?

Enjoy this workbook that will help you create a vision for your future self.

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