One of the most rewarding parts of working with people and teaching is helping my students create a life of balance and abundance. A life by design! A life that they designed.  Watch the FB Live here.

So many of us feel like life is just happening to us and around us with little control or influence on our part.

When my students use the tools that I teach them, they up level their human experience in all areas of their life.  They create results that they never thought were possible.

One very important area is creating more time!

We know that technically we can’t create more time, we all only 24 hours before the day starts over.

What we can do though is live a life on purpose, by design, with intention and create the results that we want instead of just taking what we get.

The difference between how you actually spend your time and the way that you want to spend your time is your thoughts.  Your thoughts about time create your relationship with time.

What thoughts come up for you when you think about time? What do you value about time? What is your relationship with time?

• The relationship that we have with time determines how much we value time.
• Our relationship with time determines how we spend our time or invest our time.
• When we don’t value time, just like with money, it slips through our fingers.
• When we don’t value time, just like money, we spend it and have nothing to show.
• When we don’t value time, just like money, we are not a good steward of the time we have.

In order to create a life of balance and abundance, we need to consider the time that we give to our life pillars. Here in an example of mine. Yours can look different.

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Relationships
  3. Wealth
  4. Spirituality
  5. Growth
    6.. Romance & Love
  6. Sanctuary

Many of us are focused on one or two pillars at any given time and only invest in those. That’s going to create lack in another pillar.

When we feel lack in one area, it tends to show up in other areas. That explains why a wealthy person can still have a scarcity mindset. They have unattended life pillars.

I often hear that TIME is the reason that other pillars of life are ignored. Think about which one of your pillars could use a little TLC.

In my group coaching program, we work on things just like this and sooooo much more and good news…I guarantee my work!!!

If you thought that life coaching was out of reach for you financially, you will be happy to know that it is not…don’t let your scarcity mindset affect your decision to join and start creating abundance! I have created a group coaching model designed to be affordable and attainable for everyone!!!

…and here is the best part, I GUARANTEE my work. YES I DO.

If you show up and do the work and you don’t see the value, I am happy to refund your investment. No problem at all. No contract, you can stop at any time.

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