Two reasons:

  1. You are human
  2. You have a brain

I say that a lot but it is the reason for just about everything.

Here is what I mean…

Your brain operates under its own motivation strategy called the Motivational Triad.

It is driven by your subconscious, the primal part of your brain.

Its main focus is to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy.   While that strategy has served us well to keep humans alive and evolving, it does not always serve us well when we try to introduce something new or when we want to stretch ourselves in areas that is going to require growth.

So almost as soon as we get past the part of setting the goals, and maybe shortly after planning the work, we start hearing this inner critic talking to us.

It says, “you can’t”, “you won’t”, “you shouldn’t”.

This is your brains effort to keep you safe from rejection, anxiety, stress, sadness, fear, pressure, cold, heat, change.

Your brain would rather that you focus on something more of a pleasure seeking measure that uses no energy and feels safe.  Like for instance, staying in bed all day and watching Netflix eating Cheetos and drinking beer!

It takes almost no energy for your brain to operate in its subconscious and primal level.  Any time you are exerting yourself to learn something new you are exerting more energy than your subconscious is comfortable with.  And it’s all about comfort and familiarity for your subconscious.

We can, however, re-wire our brain and we can trump the Motivation Triad.  In fact, we need to seek growth, be willing to be uncomfortable and take inspired and massive action!

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