In my blog, “Why Can’t I Get off My A&$”, I explained the brains Motivational Triad as the reason why our motivation wanes.

Maybe this resonates with you:

  • You plan on sticking to a meal plan but then you break and abandon the plan.
  • You intend on finishing projects on time but then, well… you don’t
  • You plan on reading more, meditating, yoga…you know, all that “good for the soul” stuff, and then you get too rushed, too busy, too tired.
  • You say you are going to work out at least four days a week and that plan falls short most weeks.

So what’s going on?  I am not going to sugar coat it.  Here’s the deal…

  1. We break commitments with ourselves.
  2. We don’t take ourselves seriously.
  3. We run from discomfort or uncertainty.
  4. We give into temptation out of habit.
  5. We rationalize and renegotiate.
  6. We dislike the experience and then we avoid things that we dislike.
  7. We forget why.
  8. We underestimate the amount of effort.
  9. We don’t plan for obstacles.
  10. We self-sabotage.

So that’s how it happens, what to do?  Read on…

Take yourself super seriously when you set a goal. If you are going to quit anything, quit breaking commitments with yourself.  This one is not negotiable.  Your future self thanks you!

Lean into the things that you don’t like, discomfort and uncertainty. This is how you grow and become the person that you want to become.  You aren’t going to die, it’s your brain talking you out of it, don’t listen.

Don’t avoid temptation, relish the chance to practice being the person that you want to become. The person that can say no to sweets, the person that does work out as often as they want, the person that does finish projects on time.  Practice being your future self now!

Identify all of the barriers that could potentially derail you. Meet every obstacle with a plan of offense, defense it too risky!

Connect with why you want what you want. Your reason only has to be compelling enough for you to trump your inner critic.  It doesn’t have to solve world problems.  You do have to understand “your why” and you have to visit it often.

Let’s stop quitting and start getting things done!  Work with me.

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