Becoming your future you requires you to lose a few things in order to create room for your growth.

Kind of like cleaning your closet of the old wardrobe to make room for the new one.  You must shed the old you, the one with the habits and the thoughts that don’t serve the result that you want to create for your future self.

People think that once they get the job, get the raise, get the perfect boss or spouse or find the perfect friends…that they will the become a different person, a happy person and full-filled and satisfied person.

The opposite is true…we must become the person that can attract, create and invite the life and the results that we want.

  • You must lose the self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs.  Make room for confidence and new beliefs that create the results.
  • You must lose the overwhelm, confusion and indecision.  Make room for inspired and massive action.
  • You must lose the attachment to anxiety, worry and fear to take brave and courageous steps.
  • You must lose self-pity and self loathing to invite self-love.
  • You must lose the resentment that you have for yourself and others and create your results from a place of compassion and love.
  • You must lose the blame and shame and guilt and accept responsibility for the life you want to create

You cannot create, invite or attract a life of abundance from a place of negative emotions.

You cannot beat yourself up, blame others and be at odds with the world and create the results that you want.

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