When you embody gratitude, you will be given more to be grateful about.

You are a divine power plant.

Taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts, your emotions and your actions up-levels your results.  100% of the time!

What you experience today is fruit previously planted.  What you plant today, you sow in the future.

If you want more to come into life, let more life come out of you.

A mirror can only reflect back to you what you what you are doing in front of it.  The world can only reflect back to you what you express into it.

You cannot invite abundance from a place of lack and scarcity.

The life you are living today is designed to keep you where you are.  It is designed to keep you in a state of survival, coping, avoiding pain, seeking comfort  and convenience.  You need to override this pattern, interrupt it and wake up your abundance warrior!

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