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What if I told you that the very thing that you spend your time thinking about and talking about is exactly what you are manifesting in your life?

That’s not woo…that’s science!

We create our results with our thoughts. Every single one of them. Each word you think creates a vibration in your body, the emotion. Those vibrations fuel our action or inaction, and what we do or don’t do is what creates our results.

So if you are thinking thoughts like…

  • “He drives me nuts”
  • “He can’t do anything right”
  • “I hate my life”
  • I hate my job”
  • “No one listen’s to me”
  • “I am frustrated”
  • even and especially this one…”I don’t feel good”

Guess what you invite? Yep, more of the same. Your brain thinks that is what you have ordered up, invited and so that is what your are creating.

Your brain is always searching for ways to prove your thoughts true.

Stop negotiating with the 3 year in your head, start working on the thoughts you need to think to create the results your want!

Stop living at the cause and effect of life happening too you and start letting the abundance of life flow through you.

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