What are your thoughts about money?  Do you ever think about it?  Do you think thoughts like:

  • I’m always broke
  • I can’t afford that
  • I can’t seem to get ahead
  • I live pay check to paycheck
  • I hate my job
  • I don’t make enough money
  • I’ll never have enough
  • I’ve always been broke, I will always be broke

When we think thoughts like this, we put a kink in our hose, our hose of abundance.  When we do that, the abundance that is yours, meant for you, can’t get through.

Do you think that there is only so much to go around?

Do you think that if you get more, it takes from someone else?

These are all just thoughts!

Money is just a circumstance.  The way that you think about money is what is creating your results with money.  If you want to change your money result, it starts with your thoughts.

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