We spend a lot of time desensitizing our equines to scary things, then the human gets on them with their self limiting beliefs and we wonder what went wrong.

Does this sound familiar?  The conversation in my head sounds like this…

“This test has about 20 elements to remember…maybe I should get a reader?”  Enter the beginning of tension

“No, I have done this test a hundred times in my head and on foot, I’ll remember…”  Tension builds

“Why are you doubting yourself now, not a good time.”  Further adding to tension, body gets stiff and rigid.

“Just get a reader, no one minds reading for you, why don’t you just ask?”  Not getting any more relaxed.

“People are watching, what if you go off course, you won’t know where to start and maybe you will forget the entire test.”

What if this… and what if that…is a horrible thought process any time you are riding a horse.

When we start doubting ourselves, we have a visceral response in our body and the horse feels it.  The horse is going to think there is something that they should be worried about when you show up worried.

When you feel your equine tense up, don’t start questioning their confidence and ability, question yours!

What are you thinking?

What are you feeling?

What’s happening in your body?

Is that the message that you want to send to your horse?

Your horse feels a fly, for sure it feels your tension and responds to it.

We want them to be responsive to the slightest message.  We train them to be that way.  Then, we show up not managing our minds but expect amazing results.  It doesn’t work that way.

Manage your mind and you manage your results, in every area of your life.  Even in the arena!  Here is a sample thought model:

  • Circumstance = Dressage test (Insert any circumstance)
  • Thought = I should have a reader, what if I forget the test, people are watching…(insert your thought about your circumstance)
  • Feeling = Self-doubt
  • Action = Body gets tense and sends energy to the horse, seat gets rigid, hands are tense
  • Results = Poor performance, go off course, harmony scores suffer

Your results will always be a reflection of your thoughts, in every area of your life.  Create the thought model that will get you the results that you want.

  • Circumstance = Dressage test (Insert any circumstance)
  • Thought = I know the test, I know what to do. ..(insert your thought about your circumstance)
  • Feeling = Self-Confidence
  • Action = Body and seat and hands stay soft and relaxed
  • Results = Ride a relaxed test

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, mind managing, goal digger!!

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