Do you ever feel like the Universe nudges you?  Maybe even nags and gnaws at you?  Ever wonder why?

When we have dreams and goals that we don’t pursue, we feel the discomfort of dreams and goals unanswered.  Many people live with that discomfort all of their lives.

The discomfort of unanswered dreams is a life not living to your full potential, it’s safe but boring.  It’s safe but uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable because we know in our heart of hearts we are meant for more.  We know, deep down we have a contribution to make.

On the flip side…there is the discomfort of pursuing your goals and dreams.

The discomfort of trying and failing, trying again and failing again.  Being embarrassed, disappointed, humiliated, overwhelmed and doing it anyway!

This is the discomfort that I choose.

If we are going to experience discomfort either way, I choose the discomfort of trying and failing.


Because this kind of discomfort allows me to serve, allows me to give, allows me to grow and experience, move forward, learn and who knows, I might just create something pretty cool and amazing in the process.

Which discomfort do you choose?