Do you now that even if you are not physically restricting your food intake, mental deprivation can be just as stressful on the body and exhausting?

For most of us, the word “diet” says deprivation and scarcity.

What are the food voices in your head? I have had so many food voices in my head that I couldn’t hear my body when it was screaming at me.

I had the voice that said “no fat, no carbs no meat.” I also heard, “you must eat breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day, eat 5- small meals a day, never must never let yourself get hungry.”

You were not born with food voices, they grew as you grew. You learned how to think about food from cultural influences, specifically, the “diet” culture and the commercial food industry.

Because of the way that our brain works, our food voices can become food fears. Often these fears are not rational, but they still hold you in their grip.

Your body knows how to process and digest food and it will tell you how much it needs to function, if you get quiet, and listen.  Shhhhh, what is your body saying?

Food is just food and a diet is just the way that you eat, it’s your eating protocol. That’s it!

There are foods that are more nutrient dense, and there are others that serve no purpose but to entertain our mouths and trigger the pleasure-seeking part of our brains motivational triad.

Remind yourself that you can have anything at any time you want, and it’s always your choice what you eat and when. When you can view food from this perspective, it losses its emotional power over you. You can take back your power over cravings and urges when you view food as fuel, nourishment and yes…pleasure.

Scream “NOOOOOOO” to thoughts in your head that say, “It’s time to get up and eat, it’s noon, I must eat, it’s 5:00, dinner time.” Eat when you are hungry, not because it’s time.

Be quiet, and listen to your physical hunger level.  What is your body, not your brain, hungry for?

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If you humor me, and put into practice what I suggest, you may never fear a dessert bar or an all you can eat buffet again. You will be in control, you will be at peace.

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When you learn how to manage cravings and urges, you will be free from the emotional hunger and food voices.

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