It is not possible to sit with two opposing beliefs at the same time and be comfortable.

So most of us stay where we feel most comfortable.  Even if it doesn’t feel good, it’s familiar and that makes it feel comfortable.

That is exactly how our life just keeps repeating.  Rinse and repeat.

“Cognitive Dissonance” is when you have two conflicting thoughts in your brain.  This creates discord and discomfort.  Most people give up on the new thought and go back to the old thought because it is way easier.

Here is an example:  “I want to be fit and healthy but one donut won’t hurt.”

The thought “one donut won’t hurt” is so easy to think and it drives behavior to eat things off your eat plan.  It even sounds like the truth.

The thought, “I want to be fit” is new and serves you but takes a lot of practice and prefrontal cortex thinking to keep thinking that thought until it becomes automatic and starts driving new behaviors.

Don’t panic if this happens while you are trying to believe your new thoughts.  It’s just your brain trying to make sense of your new thinking and it seems like a threat, it’s all good.

The key to really breaking the cycle of attracting the wrong people into my life, attracting unfavorable circumstances into my life, and feeling like I was living at the cause and effect of everything around me was for me to challenge all of my old thoughts, my old beliefs, the ones that were not serving me the results I wanted to create.

Here are just a few old beliefs that I have challenged:

  • I don’t like….insert about a hundred things.
  • I don’t want…insert a million things.
  • This is just the way I am.
  • I can’t…
  • I am not good at…
  • I have always struggled with…

None of these thoughts served me or helped to evolve me or helped me to show up as my highest and best self.

And, here is an eye opener…how you describe you and your life is exactly what you invite into it.  WHAT???

Here are some things that I hear people say when they are just casually talking about what is going on in their lives…

  • I am always broke
  • I can’t afford…
  • That’s way out of my reach
  • My job is hard and stressful
  • I can’t do anything right these days
  • People don’t respect me
  • My kids, husband, boss, friends are annoying
  • I will always be fat

How you describe your life is exactly what you invite!!!  That was totally worth repeating.

Those are just thoughts but they are powerful in the way that they manifest your circumstances.   They are powerful in the way that they become habitual thoughts and powerful in how they make you feel, drive your actions and create your results.

They are disempowering and they are all lies!

Go back and read my previous blogs about how to create new thoughts that serve you.  I am extremely passionate about sharing this knowledge with all of you so that you can experience transformations in your own life.

Let’s go be goal setting, goal getting, goal diggers!!!!