Think about it…what if we only ever believed in things that we only saw evidence for?

Someone had to believe that we could have electricity and lights and power and running water and cars and airplanes.  Think about our internet technology of today, our cell phones our ability to communicate, travel, do anything that we want.

It all started with a thought, followed by a decision,, followed by a commitment, followed by action.

Notice, I didn’t say that they sat around wondering, hoping, ruminating, sitting in a space of indecision and self-pity…they took action.  They took action without evidence that they would be successful.

They didn’t wait until they “knew how.”  They took action.  Massive action.  Not frantic action, massive action.

But the thing that kept all of our great inventors, creators and collaborators going was belief that they were going to figure this out, that they were going to be successful, eventually.

They were willing to fail thousands of times, in fact they did, they all did.

None of us has evidence that we will be successful in pursuit of becoming our highest and best self as long as we keep looking to the past for the answers.

The answer is not there.  If it were, we would already have accomplished the things, acquired the things and achieved all the things.  We would have the jobs, careers, relationships of our dreams.  We would feel the level of self-worth we dream of.  We would have the business, the hobby, the passion we think about.  We would already have it all.

We are all on a journey to create our best life, design a life that we are proud of living.  Not because it up levels our worth to the world, but because it adds color, texture, flavor and value to our lives.  Because we were born to evolve into living our best life and show up as our highest and best self.  That is our creators desire for us.

Love the journey!

Every day I wake up and ask myself, “how can I be my best today, for my boss, my peers, my friends, my family, my horses, my students…?”  I literally sit down and write it out.  What does it look like, what does it mean, what do I do when I show up as my best self.  Then I start moving, taking action, showing up as that person.

It doesn’t always go as planned because I am human.  But I have a plan to believe every day that I can show up as my best.

When you start out every day with the belief that you have the ability to create the results that you want, you wake up with a mission every day.  That belief follows you around all day long and helps you make decisions from that space of belief.  Sometimes that belief leads the way and shows you opportunities.

You start living as that person who can create that result.  Then you start creating that result.

Believe that you have a unique gift that the world needs to see.  No one can do it like you can!  Believe from the person that you are becoming, not from your past.

I hope that this was helpful and useful.

Now, go be a believing, goal setting, goal getting, goal digger.