So, what to do with the new thought, the new belief that you want to believe, the one that will serve you better as you up level your life?

For sure, read the first 3 blogs on this subject if you haven’t already.

This work is so powerful and it will change how you show up in the world…when you do the work.

By now, you have written down your old belief.  For example, “I don’t read and comprehend well.”  You have written down your new belief, the one that you want to believe, the one that will serve you.  For example, “I read and comprehend complex material and I know how to apply  it.”

The next step is to look at that new thought and write down all of the thoughts and feelings that bubble up for you.  Do not try to do this in your head.  There are too many thoughts swirling around up there.  This work is about precision.

When I looked at my new thought for the first time, I thought things like, “that’s a lie, you are making no sense, you have always been this way, you are an imposter.”  Yep, I thought all of those things.

Don’t be surprised if your brain is a little hard on you the first time that you try to believe your new thought.  The old thought is easier, it’s familiar, it’s automatic.  The new thought takes energy, intention and requires a lot more prefrontal attention.  The new thought won’t feel comfortable at all!  That’s how you know you are doing it right.

Practice and repetition is how you learned to believe your old thought and that is going to get you to a space of belief in your new thought.

For the next 30 days, write down your new thought, new belief that you want to believe.  Then write down what you think and how you feel about the new thought.

For me, the first few days were awful.  I fell like such a fraud trying to believe that I could read and comprehend complex material.

But by day 4, something happened.

There was a shift in how I felt about the new thought.  I started seeing evidence that my new thought was true!  I started feeling authentic in my thought and new belief.  It felt comfortable and automatic.

How did that change my life?

I am not in fear of any email that hits my inbox.  I know with confidence that I will be able to read and comprehend that material and I will figure out how it applies.  I show up bigger, I show up excited to contribute to meetings, I show up!

My old belief made me show up small, hold back, sit in fear and anxiety about everything.  I didn’t contribute like I should have, like I could have.  I wasn’t the partner in life or in work that I am today, I wasn’t my highest best self.

My new belief is empowering and it allows me to be a more relevant contributor everywhere!

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!