Everyone is talking about “The Impossible Goal”.  It’s in all of the success magazines, all of the self help guru podcasts and all over the media with the new year being so new.

Here is why…

As humans, we tend to set goals in alignment with what we believe that we can achieve.  Our brain likes that very much.  We already know how to reach that milestone, we already know how to show up as that person…it’s easy!

Here is a thought for you…what we want is in the future and what we currently believe is from the past.

If we want to create a different future, we are creating something that doesn’t exist in our past and yet, we are constantly looking backwards for evidence of the possibility for future outcomes.  That will never work.

We have to create new beliefs in order to create new results.  We have to think new thoughts until they become our new belief.  It requires that we believe in something that we have never believed before…before the evidence.   It requires that we believe the impossible is possible before we see the evidence.

Brooke Castillo, my life coach teaches that old beliefs resist new vision.  We can’t believe opposing things without being very uncomfortable.  So we stay with what we already know,

But here is the thing.  You get to believe anything you want!  You are the CEO, the CFO, the COO of your brain and what you want to believe.

Listen, everything you are looking at right now was once not possible.  But someone believed in the impossible before there was evidence.

The Wright Brothers believed they could fly a plane before there was evidence of a plane that could fly.

Henry Ford believed in the impossible idea of everyone owning their own personal vehicle one day.  Back then, that was impossible.

Think about it.  Everything we look at today was at one time not possible.  But that didn’t stop the thought of the thing.  It didn’t stop someone from believing before the evidence was available.

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Now, go be an impossible goal setting, impossible goal getting, goal digger.