Worry, anxiety, self-pity, confusion, self-doubt and overwhelm, busy, boredom…all indulgent emotions.

They seem harmless, they seem real, they seem to serve a purpose…they do not.

There are more indulgent emotions, these are just a few that I have worked on myself and they are the most common.

These emotions are habit forming, we even use these emotions to describe who we are…”I am just a worry-wart, that’s just who I am.”

We get attached to indulgent emotions even if they don’t feel good to us, they are familiar and familiar feels comfortable.

They become distractions from other emotions that actually need to be addressed.

Just like we turn to food or drink to buffer from emotions we don’t want to feel, we indulge in overwhelm, worry and anxiety as a distraction to keep us from feeling the emotion we don’t want to feel…fear!

Why does this matter? Because our emotions are the fuel for our actions and actions drive results…it’s everything. If we want to show up as our highest and best self, if we want to live by design and stop living by default, if we want to up-level our results this year, we need to work this out.

Not all negative emotions are bad. It’s not about being positive all the time. I am going to talk all about overwhelm this Tuesday on my Facebook Live Virtual Goal Setting Workshop, “Transformation Tuesday”. Click here to get the notifications.

Now, go be a goal getter!!!

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