Self-doubt creeps into spaces where we lack knowledge and understanding. That’s it! That is all there is to self-doubt.

Sometimes we doubt our own ability to achieve the result that we want so we fail ahead of time. We don’t do anything, we opt out of success.

That kind of fail doesn’t teach you anything and the more you do that kind of fail, the easier it gets to just opt out of living the life that we want.

The other kind of fail is to show up, do all you can do, go all in. Then if you flat out face-plant fail, and you will, look for the learning, the knowledge, the understanding.

When you start learning and understanding, you start edging out self-doubt with self-growth.

Last Transformation Tuesday I talked about failing and how it should be part of your success plan. Your willingness to fail and keep going and try again and again, is your ticket to success.

No one who has ever had success did it without failing first. No one!!!

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