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Success Strategy

Success is earned through challenging, mundane, unexciting, uncomfortable, unsexy, frustrating, laborious and sometimes defeating work.  Freaking hard work!

Success is achieved through the compound effect of doing it every day.  Showing up 1% better today than yesterday.  Doing it again tomorrow and every day after that.

Success is accomplished in the thoughts that you think, the uncomfortable emotions you are willing to feel and the action, the massive action that you take.   

Success is made one choice at a time. 

  • The choice to make one more call to close the deal,
  • The choice to turn around and say I am sorry instead of storming out the door,
  • The choice to drink the water and pass on the cookie,
  • The choice to let it go,
  • The choice to see the other side,
  • The choice to keep going when you feel like quitting,
  • The choice to be tired and scared and lonely and do it anyway,
  • The choice to get up and work out and eat clean even when it’s hard, especially when it’s hard,
  • The choice to live the human experience fully and intentionally and by design.

Trump your brains motivational triad of seeking pleasure by seeking growth, of avoiding pain by being willing to be uncomfortable, to conserve energy by taking massive action.

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!!

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