Do you walk around wondering if there is enough oxygen for you and me and the world? You might, but probably not.  Why not?  Because we have a mindset of abundance when it comes to oxygen.  We might question the quality but not the availability.

Now, imagine we are scuba diving.  Suddenly I experience a malfunction of some sort and you need to share your oxygen with me.  I bet your mind would immediately go to thoughts of “what if I don’t have enough for me?”

Totally normal by the way.  Not offended.

This is a great illustration of the difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundant mindset.

You can almost feel the anxiety and stress of a diver having to share oxygen, scarcity.

In contrast, we go through our days not even thinking about how much oxygen there is. You can also feel the freedom and ease of not worrying about oxygen and knowing that there is plenty for everyone, abundance.

How does this show up in the universe?

The scarcity mindset has a very difficult time sharing recognition, sharing credit and being happy for anyone else’s good fortune.  We can feel like their gain is our lack, or that there isn’t enough for everyone and someone else just got the best part.  There is a sense of a lack of resources and few options to choose from.  We can even feel jealous.

A scarcity mindset floods you with indulgent emotions like anxiety, worry, self-doubt and confusion. It keeps you in a state of indecision.

A scarcity mindset blocks your joy, impedes your ability to really show up the way you need to in order to achieve the things you want.

• Maybe we become jealous of the amount of time one friend spends with another.
• Maybe we are trying to lose weight but can’t fathom throwing food away so we consume it.
• We go out go out to eat and immediately order the cheapest thing on the menu.
• Maybe we talk negatively about someone who just bought the house of their dreams or the car of their dreams or just got the job of their dreams.
• Maybe we feel rushed and often feel like we are running behind, soooo busy!!!!!

What’s the problem with a scarcity mindset?  Doesn’t seem incredibly harmful right?


A scarcity mindset is a fear-based thought loop.  It’s a thought error. It makes you show up small, it illustrates your lack of self-worth, it steals your joy from living.  It keeps you from experiencing all the abundance that the world has to offer.

You can’t invite more into a mindset of lack.

An abundant mindset, in contrast flows out of a deep sense of self-worth and security.  It comes from a place of plenty for everyone.  It easily and genuinely shares in prestige and recognition and is open to possibilities, options, alternatives and creativity.

Here are three steps you can take immediately to start showing up with an abundant mindset.

1. Awareness
Of course, awareness is key to everything. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Notice complaining, criticizing, condemning others.  Be aware of the company that you keep, mindsets are contagious.

2. Attitude of gratitude
Choose to see all that you have.  Gratitude actually positively rewires the pathways of your brain.  When you switch your thoughts from “I want” to “I have”, cool stuff happens.  Try it.

3. Give
It may feel counterintuitive but the best way to feel abundant is to give.  Give what you want more of.  If you feel underappreciated, offer appreciation to someone else.  Don’t feel like you have enough time to get your stuff done?  Help someone get something off of their plate. Don’t feel like you have enough money?  Give to someone less fortunate, and there is always someone less fortunate.  Giving put you into an abundant mindset almost immediately.

Watch my Facebook live video where I explain thought errors.

Now, go be an abundant, goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!