So here is the scenario:
• You lost the last 10 pounds and you thought you would finally love your body and you don’t.
• You married the man of your dreams and thought your life would feel complete and it doesn’t.
• You had the baby you longed for and hoped that you would feel fulfilled and now you feel like crap because you don’t.
• You changed jobs in hopes that you would feel appreciated, but you don’t.
• You built the business that you dreamed of hoping it would make you feel relevant, but it doesn’t.

There are times that we seek goal after goal after goal, hoping that something will make us feel happy, feel peace, feel content, feel comfortable, feel complete, feel better.
There are times we put our sights on a goal, and that goal becomes the place that when we will finally get there, we know, we just know, we will feel differently. But we don’t
We hit the target, and after a period of joy and as a little times goes by, we can feel like something went terribly wrong because you don’t feel any of the things that you expected.

What happened? Turns out, there are two reasons.
1. You are human
2. You have a brain

This is going to sound cliché and it is, sorry. Your goal is not, I repeat, NOT about the destination, it’s all about the journey. It’s all about the person that you become along the way, about how you evolved as a human, about the emotions that you experience…the good and the bad. It’s all of that, and the thing? Well, that’s just icing on the cake so to speak. Sorry about all the clichés

So why bother with a goal? You must set a goal, that is what sets our compass, gives us a focus, a map. Goals give us flavor and texture in life. You are going to do something; it might as well be intentional.

Here is where goaling goes all wrong.

We think that reaching that goal is going to make us feel better, and it won’t. Oh, maybe for a little while you can smell that new car smell and smell that new house smell and the new relationship is oh soooo good. But once the newness of the goal wears off, if you brought your un-useful thoughts and emotions with you, guess what? Yep, the same ole crappy life shows right back up.

So what is a person to do?

“Think the thoughts now that make you feel now the way you think you will feel when you hit that goal.”

Read that last part again and at least 5 more times. Let that sink in.

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!