When Steve and I decided to explore the opportunity to move to Florida earlier this year, we received tons of confirmation from the universe that we were on the right track.

Or did we?

If you have been following our story for a while, you know that Steve got a job in Florida almost immediately…that’s a good sign. I was able to stay with my job and work remotely…that’s a good sign. We sold our house in a day, totally amazing and that’s a good sign. We bought a house in an equestrian community and can board our horses for $100 a month.

So what about when it just feels like nothing is going your way?  Does that mean that you made a bad decision?

We have had to deal with replacing the septic system, fire ants, rain rot, heat exhaustion, scratches, stocked up legs, non-stop rain and for sure the hardest work I have ever had to do taking care of my horses…EVER.

When it feels like nothing is going your way, look at what you are thinking. You might be thinking that nothing is going your way and for sure that will be your result.

Your results always prove your thoughts true.

Here is how it works:

Circumstance – Something happens, pick anything from my list above.
Thought – We must have made a bad decision
Feeling – Feels like nothing is going our way
Action – Second guess our decision
Result – Convinced we made a mistake

As humans, when we think about living our dream, we think it’s going to be all sunshine and daisies, rainbows and unicorns.  So, when it’s not, we can feel like we screwed up somewhere, made a bad decision and we start second guessing everything.

Think about an Olympic athlete winning a gold medal. While standing on the podium, they are in the height of the glory of living the dream. But think about all hard work to get there.  Most days were sore muscles, no sleep, managing their diet, scrimping money for training etc…

If the athlete would be thinking the thought, “I must have made a bad decision,” how long do you think they would stay on their journey? Not long.

There is no reason to think that you would be able to stay on your dream journey with that thought either!

Remember, thoughts are optional, and you must choose the thought that is going to get the result that you want.

So, what to do? Manage your thoughts!!

Sure, it’s been tough but there have been tons of learning and opportunities to exercise my thought muscle.

Obstacles just become your “to do” list, your strategy, a map.

Learn how to take care of horses in heat and humidity, get smart about fire ants, be thankful you have money to replace your septic system even if that’s not what you wanted to spend that money on.

Those are the thoughts that serve me.

Second guessing decisions serve no purpose.

Just because stuff happens does not mean that you have made a bad decision or that anything bad has happened, you make it mean something by your thoughts.

Things always work out the way that they should, they just do.  Hang on to that thought when it gets tough.

Look for the opportunity to learn and grow. Look for the opportunity to stretch yourself in an area that serves you.

Don’t always be looking for the easy button. Growth is not there!

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!