I love it when businesses post “under new management” notices. It lets us know that changes have been made and you can expect an up-leveled experience. We can expect things to be different…better.

Bad service is a sign of bad leadership. You can almost picture the manager or leader style just by watching their staff or team and how their business performs.

Every time!

Soooo, that got me to thinking about the manager or leader of your life.  YOU!

What is your current style? Do you demonstrate compassion and love for yourself or do you demonstrate self-pity and doubt, fear and anxiety? Are you doing OK at least 80% of the time or is it more 30-50% of the time. Do you have room for improvement or are you exceeding your own expectations?

Would you be satisfied of your favorite restaurant was doing OK only 30-50% of the time?

What if you managed your life with the same high-level expectations that you have for others in your life?

What if you managed your thoughts to only those that served you? Notice that I said “served you.”

Your management style is creating results in your life. Do you like the results?
Your management style is reflected back to you in real time by the quality of your relationships, the quality of your health, the quality of your work-life, the quality of the food you choose, the quality decisions that you make.

Are you happy with your management style or do you need and evaluation, a review, a remediation plan to improve?

What is your mission statement? Your purpose? Every business has them.

“You are your business.”

I had to fire the manager of my life. The one that offered worry and anxiety as an appropriate emotion most days. I had to fire the manager that didn’t know how to manage thoughts and chose to think the worst of everyone, everything and lived in isolation emotionally. I fired the manager that didn’t make appropriate fuel choices for my body and fuel choices for my brain. I had to fire that manager with a scarcity mindset around time, money and relationships. She is gone! She does not get to manage my life any longer.

I have super-duper high expectations of my new manager. She must make commitments to herself and keep them. She must have her own back. She is not allowed to entertain thoughts that don’t serve her. She is totally allowed to feel negative emotions and be with them as long as she needs to but is not allowed to buffer in response to being with them. She must manage her mindset around money, time and relationships. She must show up every day in a way that serves the universe.

I love my new manager!

Do you need to fire your manager to up-level your results?

Go have a meeting with yourself today. Write up your expectations, purpose and mission statement.

Now go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!