My last blog was July 13th.  Most of you know that Steve and I have moved from Oklahoma to Florida.

It’s not an easy task moving down the street, let alone across the country, with 6 fur babies!

I can’t say that I am feeling incredibly creative at the moment.  I may not have clever words for this write, but I am going to do it any way…write that is.

How did we do it?  It started with a decision.

What do we want.  Not a “how” …a what.

Then we talked about why.  Why Florida, why does it make sense, why should we…why?

Then the “what”, again, over and over.

What does moving to Florida feel like, look like, sound like, what thoughts come up when think it or say it out loud.  What is scary, what is exciting, what is crazy about the idea.

Then we talked about when.  When do we do this, when do we pull the trigger, when do we do this and then when do we do that etc…?

Then how.  The how was the least important.   We didn’t know and we didn’t even try to know how.  We have never moved to Florida before so the thought seemed like more than we should be thinking about at our age, so we didn’t.

We just kept talking about the “what”.

Pretty soon we started seeing opportunities, we started seeing possibilities.  The “how” started happening.

It’s hard work making your dream come true, even when every element in the universe is unfolding just for you, it’s hard.  You still have to take massive action, every single day, do something.

We had several moments when we consciously thought to ourselves “right here, this is where people quit, right before they cross the finish line, right here.”  We had several of those moments when staying would have been way easier.

We kept going, doing the hard stuff. Sometimes it was pretty and graceful but most of the time it was clunky and uncomfortable.

Going through the hard stuff, being willing to be uncomfortable, not quitting before you cross the finish line, that is the currency for success.  That is where the growth happens.

Now, what is your what???????

Go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!