As most of you know, a few weeks ago, Steve and I decided to step out of our comfort zone and set out for a new adventure, relocating to Tampa, Florida.  Adventurous is a word that no one would use to describe Steve or me.  In fact, we are both compliance people, risk averse!

I can tell you that many conversations took place before we landed on Tampa but that is a different blog.

What is important to know is that once we decided the what, the how started to reveal itself.  Even when we thought we knew the path and how it was going to go, it went a different way.

It’s also important to know that we had this conversation two years ago, the one about moving to Florida.

So how is it that this time it happened and two years ago it did not?


Two years ago, just talking about it kind of freaked me out.  It felt to big of a dream.  So, we decided that we should not take a chance, we should just ride out our careers and then make the move.  Don’t rock the boat.  Scarcity mindset.

This year when the topic came up again, I wanted to try my new mindset, the mindset of abundance.  The mindset that said, “why not explore the opportunity and see what comes up?”

We both intentionally reminded ourselves and each other not get attached to the how but focus on the what.

And guess what happened?

Within weeks, Steve had a job.  Then he began organizing and sorting his keep pile from his sell pile.  Then we sold the house, bought a house and amazingly, I get to stay with my job and work remote.  Two years ago I would have been afraid to ask if that was a possibility.

Our scarcity mindset of two years ago held us back, slowed down the process, and prolonged the inevitable.  We had quit on ourselves and failed ahead of time.

Embracing the abundant mindset opened our eyes to possibilities, and opportunities.  Embracing abundance has opened our lives to others who are sharing in our experience, supporting our adventure and cheering us on.

I will for sure be writing more about how we did it exactly but for now I want to leave you with this:

  • Take a chance on a piece of crap house sitting on crappy land, it could be your dream home, or someone else’s. Thank you honey for always seeing the vision even when it tested everything about us.  We passed!
  • Take a chance on that sad little dog that no one wants, it could rescue you right back. Thank you Penny, Bella, Two Putt, Harley and sweet Lucy.  I learned lessons that I did not even know I needed to learn.
  • Take a chance on that no bloodline horse that didn’t even have a name, she may teach you more than you thought you could ever learn. Thank you Baby J. I don’t understand you yet, but I am trying.
  • Take a chance and drive three hours and try that horse in the parking lot of a truck stop. Then take it home and go to the world show and blow your own mind.  Thank you my sweet Kit.  The horse with the running heart blaze and a heart that runs deep.
  • Take a chance and climb that prickly tree to rescue the only cat to ever wonder onto your property and live to meow about it. He might rescue you back.  Thank you Mr. Mr. Kitty.  You saved us that weekend.
  • Take a chance on a gelding named Buck. Regardless of how horrible he sounds, he may be the most amazing equine you will ever meet.  Thank you Buck.  I did everything on you first.  You started out being the horse that no one wanted and now you are everyone’s horse.
  • Take a chance on love again when your heart is ripped out and then buried, she is not gone, she still takes care of you. Thank you Scooter.  I felt you catch me when I fell, I feel your breath on my neck, and your presence is peaceful.  Please be on the trailer as we travel to Florida.
  • Take a chance on a black dog that someone dumps on your property, let him stay. He will fiercely protect you and lovingly greet you and all of your guests.  Thank you Shadow Man.  What an amazingly loyal and loving creature.
  • Take a chance on one more dog even when you know you have enough because he means so much to everyone and he will be just what you needed after all. Be so totally dedicated to loving him that you sit in the rain and play ball with him because that is what makes him happy.  Thank you D.  D, my grand doggy, my loyal protector, my barn yard companion, my daughter’s heart.
  • Take a chance on yourself and know that you have no limits. Even when your brain says that you do have limits, you don’t!  Take a chance!

We have had tragic experiences and loving experiences.  There were a hundred times that we wanted to throw in the towel, and do what, we didn’t know.  Anything but what we were facing seemed good enough.

Then the way we looked at things changed and that changed the way things looked.

When we saw the blessings even in the tragedy, the curse was lifted.  When we were grateful, we saw more blessing than we felt worthy of.

We have grown, evolved and matured, not just aged, but matured…not without taking a chance.

Now go be a goal getting, goal setting, goal digger!!!