Sometimes I feel

  • lazy
  • uninspired
  • unmotivated

In these moments, I start thinking things like,

  • “You are a fraud girl, people will turn on you when they find out.”
  • “They all think that you are some kind of super-human.”
  • “You aren’t super at all, you are just human.”

Sometimes working on my goals is that last thing I feel like doing.

And if I am being totally honest, there are times I would rather not do the thought work and just sit in my head and throw a fit.

Shouldn’t we feel inspired all of the time????


You aren’t going to feel inspired or motivated most of the time!

Most of us wait until we feel inspired or feel motivation before we take action.

Some days I don’t feel like running, in fact, most days.  There are actually days that I don’t feel like riding my horses, gasp! Sometimes, I don’t feel any inspiration to write a blog.

None of these feelings have anything to do with my desire to achieve whatever the goal is.  My actions do!

You aren’t always going to feel happy and things are not always going to be easy just because you are doing something that you love.  In fact, the law of polarity says that 50% of the time you won’t be happy and things will be hard.

We self-sabotage and fail ahead of time and talk ourselves out of the very thing we can’t stop thinking about, just because we lose our motivation or inspiration and it gets hard.

I always thought that as long as I am on the right track, things would be easy and rainbows and unicorns.

Wrong…it’s mostly still a sh^t show!

The motivation to do something follows the activity of doing something.  Motivation follows action.  Not the other way around.  In fact, your brain will always try to talk you out of doing anything that is going to make you stretch and grow.  Your brain likes easy and familiar, even if it’s bad for you.

So even if you don’t feel like it, put one foot in front of the other, and just start moving one step closer, then another and then another.

As much as your brain loves to talk you out of doing something, it loves accomplishment, it loves a sense of completion.

So go do that thing, even when you don’t feel like it, even when it’s hard, even when…

Let your brain feel the sense of completion and accomplishment and then do that again!

Now, go be a goal setting, goal getting, goal digger!!!